Exactly What I'm Thinking

When we were growing up, some of us wardies would tease our dear friend Mary about a certain quirk she had. Whenever there was a group of us, and Mary felt ignored, she would shout "guys, give me attention!" We would laugh and think it was funny because in the words of Kelly Kapoor, "Who says exactly what they're thinking? What kind of game is that?" Ah Mary, you are wiser than you know. At the time when we were awkward teenagers who craved "being in the middle", saying something like that seemes silly. I guess to an extent that wording is still a little blunt. However, she had a good point. Why not speak your mind? Why not tell everyone how you're feeling? If you're feeling left out, dang it, let someone know! We all have the right to let someone know what's going on. How else are they supposed to know? So, I'm going to exercise my right to do so right now. Please no one take offense, this is how I feel.
To gay rights activists: If you want homosexuals to have the same rights as everyone else, guess what? You need to allow Mormons the same freedom. We're not stopping you just because we think it's wrong. Stop being hypocrits.
To the guy at the Rec Center who I went to high school with: Please stop expecting me to check you out. You weren't that hot in high school and you still aren't that hot - at least in my opinion.
To all women who think they have to be a size 2 to be perfect: Think again. Skinny isn't healthy. Healthy is healthy. Exercise because you like it, eat right because you want to, and love who you are. Don't compare yourself to others. And don't push yourself over the edge because you have 7% body fat and you only want 5%. Oh and enjoy some goodies now and then!
To Obama: You suck.
To my hair: I love you long, but if you don't start cooperating and staying attached to my head, so help me, I will cut you.
To Adrianne: I really really miss you. It seems there's less and less good people these days and I really miss your influence and being able to talk to you about religion.
To all my other friends: I really wish you'd call me more because I miss you, too. I'm feeling like I don't mean anything to anyone lately.
To those who I know read my blog and think I don't know you do: I really don't care. That's why my blog isn't private. I hope you enjoy yourself. Come again soon!
To Cory: You are such an angel. You've listened to me cry about my best (girl) friend for 2 days now and you haven't complained once. Thanks for being the most understanding and loving husband a girl could ask for. You're amazing.
To Old Grist Mill: Gosh, I miss you!! I crave your sandwiches all the time. I may need to drive to Brigham City just to eat one.
To our scale: Sorry for crushing you every day, but you deserve it. I think you need to fudge the numbers.
To the spiders who are thinking of entering our house: STAY AWAY or I will destroy you, or at least make Cory do it.
To The Summit: <-- a John Schmidt song I've yet to learn to play.
To my Heavenly Father: It's been a long couple days, but I've never been more thankful for my long history of failed relationships. I know one of the reasons I went through those things was to be able to help others around me, and it's already being put to good use. Thank you for knowing exactly what is right for me and how I can share it with those I love. It also makes me appreciate Cory more every day. And thanks for him, too. He was worth the wait.
To you: thanks for reading. Now you know what's on my mind. Now go do something productive :)



So after reflecting over my posts this week, I'm not sure why I thought it was relevant and/or exciting to blab on and on about each little thing we're doing every day. So here's the gist of today. We saw Transformers 2 - I wasn't too impressed. The first one was better. We also went to dinner at Tucano's. It was good, we tried the chicken heart. It was interesting. During dinner, the huge storm rolled in. I got some pictures of the rainbow that followed. Enjoy! From now on I'll be less detailed unless otherwise merited. Sorry!

The city during the butt end of the storm.

I waited 15 minutes for this video to load because if you watch it on anything BUT this web page, you can tell how hard it was raining and how much water was running down the street. But sadly, you can barely tell on here. But, I waited forever, so here it is. Maybe someone will be able to make it out.

1 Year Together

Today is our 1st wedding anniversary! What a wonderful year it has been. Most of the advice we got before we were married sounded like this:

"Don't worry, the first year of marriage is the most difficult, but after that, it's wonderful."

"Marriage is really hard."

"Marriage is something you really have to work at, always remember that."

"It really is an adjustment."

I appreciate the loving words of those who were trying to help. Honestly, our first year has been amazing. I don't know if it's because we're so much alike, so easy going, or because we've spent every second we could together for a year BEFORE we were married, but things have been so smooth. Granted, we're sure hard times will come. But I think we're off to a great start. We've never been happier. To kick off this one year mark, I'd like to share some things we've learned this past year:

- No matter how much I complain, Cory will never stop farting in bed, and I will always be condemned for doing the same.

-There is no limit to how much Cory can talk about Jeeps.

-Just when I think I couldn't love him anymore, he'll unclog the shower drain from all my hair and my heart just soars!

- Cory has learned to handle my emotions so well. I can be really happy one moment, and crying the next. He always knows what to do to make me feel better.

-We are two dorks who were absolutely made for each other.

-I always take my leftovers home from restaurants and almost never eat them. Cory always makes sure they never go to waste.

-It is not ok to use the bathroom while your spouse is in the shower.

-No matter how awful I look, Cory always thinks I'm beautiful.

-No matter how awful he looks, I will always find him charming and adorable.

-Horrible things may happen to us, but we will always have each other to rely on and go to for comfort and love.

-We never thought we'd be so protective of each other.

-Our relationship is wonderful and unique and should never be compared to anyone else's.

-There is no better place to be than in the temple with your eternal companion. Feels a bit like heaven.

-It's such a wonderful feeling falling asleep and waking up next to someone you truly love.

- We never thought it was possible to love someone this much. Marriage is so wonderful!

Celebration details to come later. . .


Fun Week: Day 3

Thursday was one of the days this week that I didn't really have anything planned. But I ended up going to Lagoon with one of my favorite girls from last year's first grade class. We had so much fun! We even got to go on rides like The Screamer, Tilt-a-Whirl, Space Scrambler, and Wild Mouse because she doesn't get sick on them like everyone else I know. Sometimes, I really prefer hanging out with kids :).

We were waiting in line for Rattlesnake Rapids when this old guy gets off the ride totally soaked and he looked fairly unhappy. I glanced over at him and he leans over to me and says, "Our boat had a leak." I busted up laughing! Some people are so hilarious! Oh, if only I had wit like that. Anyway, I had a lot of fun today. Many more posts to come this week. I know you're excited, those 2 people who actually read this. Oh, HI MOM!


Fun Week: Day 2

Today was a lot of fun, but sadly, no pictures. We were up bright and early to make it to the temple by 8:00. We signed up to do sealings for our ward temple assignment. Listening to those blessings was a great reminder of how awesome our own sealing was. Then we came home and crashed for a bit longer than we intended. After that, we decided we didn't want to sit around in the basement, so we went to Lowes for a new light, Costco to just look around and eat samples, and then up North Canyon just to enjoy being outside. I love that no matter what we do, we always have a good time.

Sadly after that, Cory had to work. So I headed out to Holliday to hang out with Lisa and go swimming. We had a great time at the pool. Then my awesome sister ordered pizza and we watched failure to launch, then went for a walk. Thanks Lisa, I had a great time! You really are great!

We still have many exciting things coming up. Tomorrow I am going to Lagoon with a girl from my class 2 years ago, Friday is our actual anniversary, and Saturday we're planning Lagoon-a-beach (weather permitting) and a party for our old singles ward bishop who is being released. We'll keep you posted!


Fun week: Day 1

This week we have many fun things planned. Today was the first day of the fun. We started off our morning by going with our primary to the Church History Museum. They got to do lots of fun things:

making statues of themselves

deeply concentrating...

They also got to act out the story of one of the paintings. I had so many cute pictures of this, but I just chose one. We all had a lot of fun. We also found out that we are making a difference in some of our kids lives. It's an awesome feeling, but I'm pretty sure they love primary now because of Cory. Who doesn't love him?

Next, we wanted to do something really fun today. We originally planned on swimming, but then we got too cold to care. So, we decided to go hike to Elephant Rock. I've never really liked this hike because it's long, the end result isn't THAT exciting, and it's always hot. But today was different. Because of the "blessed" rain, the hike was gorgeous! Cory and I had so much fun!

The trees in this part are so cool.

The pretty view from the top

We really enjoyed ourselves today. We have many more fun things coming up this week, including our anniversary! Keep on rollin'!


Life is Wonderful

Things are going really well. A couple days ago, Cory and I registered for our classes for the fall semester. This is (hopefully) Cory's last semester. He needs to complete an English class, but we've decided I'm going to give him a couple English lessons, and then he's going to see if he can test out of it. If not, he'll have to take it in the spring. Other than that, he's taking his last 2 classes, and will be spending some time in the shop keeping sharp on his welding skills. I'm taking 2, 3 hour classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I'm taking a childrens literature class and a class about the relationships between home, school, and community. We're excited. The best part is Cory also has a 3 hour class Tuesday nights at the same campus so we get to go to school together :).

We had a really fun date night last night. We initially wanted to go up the "B" and have a fire with some friends. But, that didn't really work out. So, we went down to the gateway and had dinner and went to see Up. We also spent some time checking out all the restaurants down there for our anniversary next week. We've decided to scrap Lava for now. We'd rather save some money and sleep in a bed for the weekend instead of camp and have to buy every meal. So our plan instead is to go to the temple, go to a nice dinner, and Saturday go to Lagoon-a-Beach. It should be fun. We're excited!! Anyway, that's all for now. I'll keep you posted as more things happen.


Our Failing Movie Ratings

Just in case you need another bit of proof that our world is quickly slipping deeper and deeper, here you are. I will admit when I first saw the previews for this movie, it was incredibly tempting. I really wanted to see it because the front 2 guys make me laugh so hard! But, given the reason for it's "R" rating, we decided it wouldn't be wise. Good call on our part!! I've heard from several people that this movie is extremely crude and vulgar. The actual movie contains the "F word" more times than worth counting, suggestive language and nudity. I listened to the review on KSL (I don't believe it was given by a Mormon because he was fairly positive about it for a second) and he said it was a "hard R," meaning it barely clears the "R" rating. Here's why...
In the end credits, they show snapshots of pictures the guys took the night they were all wasted. Supposedly it brings the whole movie together and you finally find out why they have a baby, a tiger... stuff like that. Well, KSL rated the end credits "NC-17". One of my friends went and saw this, and she told me why. It literally contains pornographic pictures. It shows female and male nudity and sexual acts being preformed. The guy reviewing it also said "I was shocked they were able to show these images in this movie." What is happening to our world? Now you can leave the house and view pornographic pictures with a theater full of other pervs! Our movie ratings are slipping fast. My sister and I were also talking about how in the beginning, Harry Potter movies were rated PG-13 because the images were too scary for younger kids. Now, as the movies get more dark, they are only rated PG, simply because our world is more and more desensitized. I've even noticed how graphic all movies are now. I'm paranoid, and sometimes when I worry about us getting in a car accident, or dying on a roller coaster, or whatever, I can always picture it in my mind clearly. The only reason I can do that is because I've seen it in movies. It's really disturbing. Anyway, I'm really worried about our world. I think we'll have to take very cautious care when deciding what movies to go see from now on.


I Can't Think of a Title

I tend to use this blog as more of a journal than anything. I've always believed in being honest and open. One thing that this blog has really helped me do is be more honest and open with myself. I know I've mentioned before that I've really been trying to better myself. I have picked 3 major flaws of mine to work on since about late Dec, early Jan:
1. I have a nasty habit of talking badly about people who I don't get along with well. It's a horrible habit, and it only brings me down, so I've really been working hard on speaking kindly about those who bother me.
2. I judge people way too easily. I know we're all guilty of that from time to time. But I've really been letting it get in the way of so many things and I need to stop.
3. I let things get to me WAY too easily. I've been called "dramatic" by my family at times because I just let certain things really eat at me.
I know I've made really great progress. I still have a long way to go. But I can tell a major difference in myself already. I've really been praying to the Lord for help and I can feel his help everyday. I'm so much more conscious about what I'm saying and how I'm feeling. It's also opened my eyes to so many other things that I need to work on. Isn't life grand? I know Satan is really testing me - especially in the last 12 hours. I've heard/read several things that have really been trying my work on these goals. But here's the best part... I know it! I'm aware of it and I'm aware that I need to keep myself in check!! YAY!! It's been really difficult. When someone says or does something hurtful, it's really hard to forgive and forget instead of call my mom and vent about it for 20 minutes - saying things I know I shouldn't. It's really hard to not be critical of people who are clearly more beautiful than me, especially when I'm struggling with my own self-esteem issues. It's really hard to not take offense when a person mentions something that is potentially insulting or hurtful. There's a good chance they didn't mean it that way or that it's not true. I'm learning so many lessons. I also know that these realizations have blossomed from some really sad/upsetting events that have happened recently in my life. They have been heartbreaking, but I am grateful I've been able to take something positive away from them. Reading my scrpitures has also done wonders. Each night I read the Saviors teachings and just yearn to be more like him. Life really is incredible. I plan to make mine as positive and better as I can, one day at a time.


Fun In the NOT Sun

Today Cory sort of had the day off, so we wanted to get out and do something fun. The only problem was the stupid weather. As usual. We decided to brave Lagoon and hope that we could ride some rides in between storms. And, if nothing else, at least we'd be able to get our pictures taken for our season passes. We headed there and were able to ride 3 rides before the rain came down hard! So, we decided to walk around Pioneer Village since we haven't seen that whole "gem" before. It's... interesting. We took some lame pictures but we had a lot of fun. Then, we decided to ride up the "B" and take a nap in the back of the Jeep. We were up in the clouds and it was AWESOME! After a good hour nap, we were awaken by some curious passerby's (who, judging by their smiles, probably assumed we were up to somethings else, which we were NOT!) and we headed home. Now after all that excitement, we're off to my parents to play the Wii and eat cookie dough. It's been a good day! Enjoy the weird pics.

We found a new spot to have lunch when we're there this summer. Nice and secluded.

Baby geese! They were so cute! Cory counted 16 of them.

Model train museum

This is the actual size of a super creepy guy that used to be in the circus.

They have a huge mini model of a circus. We never knew it existed.

Probably the ugliest doll I have ever seen...



I swear my ipod can read my mind. It's kind of freaking me out. Every day when I've been running, it's played a song related to exactly what I'm thinking. Here's proof:
Monday: I was thinking about Cory trying to sing the "Tootsie Roll" rap song to me Sunday night and how hilarious is was when guess what came on? "lemme see that tootsie roll!"
Tuesday: I started thinking about Adrianne and on came "Warning Sign" by Coldplay and I started bawling and running as hard as I could.
Today: I opened the window to listen to it rain (it was a treadmill day) while I ran and the first song to come on was "Umbrella."
Weird right? Maybe it's finally trying to "bond" with me. I've been pissed at it lately because all it wants to play is church songs and Blue Man Group - not exactly what I'm in the mood for. Maybe I'll reward it by finally removing those 2 horrible Snow Patrol songs I've had on there for who knows what reason.


Summer Time

In the commonly known words of Alice Cooper...
Not that I'm excited or anything, really. This is going to be my first summer ever since turning 16 and getting a job that I wont have to do a darn thing. I wish words could describe how wonderful that is... but sadly, they can't. Today was day 1 of said freedom and I've been enjoying it immensely. We've already begun planning fun things to do. This week we're going to Lagoon on Thursday (we bought season passes) and probably backpacking Friday night if it warms up enough. We've been debating what to do for our 1st anniversary for a while as well and I think we've concluded to go to Lava Hot Spring. It's cheap, somewhat close, and fun. So we're excited. Yay for good times!!

I know I sound super excited to have a break, because I am, but I also had a hard time saying goodbye to the kids. Some of them are not returning to our school next year so that made me sad. However, saying goodbye this year was a little easier because I am being moved to 3rd grade now and will probably have some of the kids again in 2 years. I'm sad to leave first grade but I am really excited for a new opportunity.

Well, there's a lame post for ya'll. I figured I'd better write something so... there you have it.


What Manner of Men Ought Ye To Be?

Change is constant. A lot of things have been changing in my life, some expected, others not. But it's caused me to value things differently and ponder a lot of issues - mostly religion. I've always been an active member, but my activity has swayed a bit in my life. I questioned my testimony a few years back, which developed into a strong realization in the truth. With that time of uncertainty, I was able to discover how I really feel. I've tried my life with devotion to the gospel, and I've tried it without. I know now which I much rather would prefer. I know the gospel makes me happy and helps me choose the right.

I've had this burning in my heart the last little while regarding the gospel. Our world is uncertain and getting scarier by the hour. Wickedness has smeared our planet and the longer it goes on, the more it progresses. Obviously, no one knows the time of the second coming. But I have a feeling it's close. I don't know how much more awful the world can get. The great millennial battle is close. I feel stronger that ever that NOW is the time to decide who's side we're going to fight on. Now is the time to prepare for war. Some chose to believe it's not coming, and when it does, I fear for them. Others know it is, and simply don't care. I personally am terrified for it. I don't want to find myself on the Devil's side. I don't think I do anything awful enough in my life that would instantly put me in outer darkness, but I know I have vast room for improvement - as do we all. I've been reading the Bible lately, mostly because I've never read it before and I'd like to know more about it. I've been reading in Matthew and I came across the parable of the sower:
19 When any one heareth the
word of the kingdom, and under-
standeth it not, then cometh the
wicked one, and catcheth away that
which was sown in his heart. This is
he which received seed by the way
20 But he that received the seed
into stony places, the same is he
that heareth the word, and anon
with joy receiveth it;
21 Yet hath he not root in himself,
but dureth for a while: for when
tribulation or persecution ariseth
because of the word, by and by he is
22 He also that received seed a-
mong the thorns is he that heareth
the word: and the cares of this world,
and the deceitfulness of riches,
choke the word, and he becometh
23 But he that received seed into
the good ground is he that heareth
the word, and understandeth it;
which also beareth fruit, and bring-
eth forth, some an hundredfold,
some sixty, some thirty.

Now is the time to decide. We must listen to the word of the Lord. We must take the counsel of the Prophet and our leaders. We must read our scriptures and do our best to be like God. This is how we prepare for war. I saw this painting at Deseret Book the other day and it actually brought tears to my eyes:

It touched my heart because there has been war and murder since time began. Times have always been hard and uncertain. The Savior is coming and he will bring peace to our lives and our lands. We will be so grateful and so humbled that we will kneel at his feet and sob. We will have no need to worry anymore.

I'm not sure my purpose for writing all this. I've always been one to try and help those in need and I know now, more than ever, there are many in need of spiritual help. Many. I know Christ is the way. I know his gospel is the way. It also says in Matthew:
28 Come unto me, all ye that
labour and are heavy laden, and I
will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you, and
learn of me: for I am meek and
lowly in heart; and ye shall find
rest unto your souls.
30 For my yoke is easy, and my
burden is light.

Could was ask for a better invitation? This is where peace is. I hope I can continue to improve myself and live by his teachings so that I can stand with him when the battle and the end comes. I'd give anything to know those I love are all going to be on the same side. I wish there was more I could do, but we have our agency for a reason. I know the church is true. I know following Christ is the only way we can be happy. It is the only way we can find comfort. Time is running out. The gospel is the only way. Another parable I read that hit me hard was:
47 Again, the kingdom of heaven
is like unto a net, that was cast in-
to the sea, and gathered of every
48 Which, when it was full, they
drew to shore, and sat down, and
gathered the good into vessels, but
cast the bad away.
49 So shall it be at the end of the
world: the angels shall come forth,
and sever the wicked from among
the just.
50 And shall cast them into the
furnace of fire: there shall be wailing
and gnashing of teeth.

These are scary times. I'm so grateful that we have the gospel to lead us and comfort us. I know that if we follow Christ, everything will be ok. I'm also so grateful that I've been touched by the scriptures lately to help me understand more clearly what I need to do to be better. I love the Lord and I love this gospel!!