Mother's Day Weekend

We had a spectacular Mother's Day weekend. Tyler and Tory came into town late Friday night. Saturday, we spent the morning at the house just laying around and dancing in the living room with Bradlee. Then, we decided to go to the Zoo. Um, BIG mistake. People were parked 10 blocks away and up Immigration Canyon. We passed the entrance to turn around and the Zoo was a sea of people. We changed our minds. We went to Cafe Rio for lunch then decided to head to Tracey Aviary because Bradlee loves birds. It was a lot of fun. She was so excited to see all the birds. After we saw some baby duckies she started called all the birds "baby birds." It was way cute! After we exhausted ourselves inside the Aviary, we rode the ferris wheel outside the entrance and let Bradlee ride the Merry-go-Round and the airplanes.

"Baby birds!"

Bradlee's "monster" face.

Riding the planes

He loves his Daddy

And his Mommy!

Collin and Liz. They made out on the ride haha

Some of the family. We're missing Tory, Cory, and Liz.

I love you, Mom!!!

So this peacock was totally showing off for a female that was right next to him. He had his feathers extended and was shaking them and doing a weird dance. Gotta love spring... the best part was, she wasn't even remotely interested. The situation reminded me of being at Gold's Gym.

Tory and her beautiful children. She's such a good mom.

Cory was finally off work at this time so he met up with us and we drove out to Rio Tinto for the EAGLES CONCERT!! It was awesome! I wish I wasn't so tired, but I still enjoyed it very much. Our tickets said no camera's, so I don't have any decent pictures of the concert. I just have the few I took on my cell. I was really impressed with the sound system there and attending a concert outdoors was a lot of fun. After the concert we went home and crashed. Sunday, we went over to see Cory's family and his mom. We had a steak lunch and sat around and enjoyed the company. Everyone bailed pretty early to go watch a movie, so we headed back over to my mom's to spend more time with Tyler and Tory. We BBQ'd more steak and played croquet in the backyard. It was a great day! I love having my whole family together. It's when I'm the most happy. After saying goodbye to Tyler and his family last night, I cried the whole ride home. I love them. We had a great time!

The stage.

My Dad has these awful glasses that help him see things that are far away. Tyler clearly feels secure in them.

In other news, I checked my grades today. I got a 3.7 this semester. I'm pretty excited about that. And my cumulative is a 3.6. Go me haha. Cory's aren't posted yet but I'm sure he did great as well... we'll have to wait and see.


Lisa McLachlan said...

Great pics megan. I'll have to get copies sometime. Scrapbooking will be another summer project for me. P.S. I cried on my way home Sunday night, too. :( Oh well. Luv ya.

Jennifer said...

What a fun weekend! My Dad and Michelle were at the Eagle Concert too. :)