Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

This weekend was a lot of fun. Tyler and Tory came down to celebrate Brock's birthday. They got in Friday evening. As soon as they were settled we were off to the Gateway to see Terminator. Everyone loved it. Then Saturday we had his BBQ party where he got to play in his cake.

Then we ordered pizza and had a fire out back and enjoyed each others company. We spent Sunday morning with them before they headed off to Tory's parents house. It was a good time. Today (memorial day) we went to see Night At The Museum 2. It was pretty funny. Then Cory had to go to work so I hung out with Heather. She's awesome! Sorry this is such a short, unexciting post. I'm not feeling well and need to get to bed.
Here are all the birthday pictures:

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Amy said...

It was so great to run into you! Lets get together soon!