Frightening Drive

So about a half hour ago, Cory and I were headed home on Orchard Drive from my parents house for Sunday dinner. When we left my parents house, the rain was barely a sprinkle and we could see lightening a little ways away. At about Val Verde (roughly a mile from my parents house) we hit a huge storm cell. The rain started getting heavier and the wind was blowing like crazy. Lightening also was closer. We continued driving till we were by the apartments across from Boulton Elementary. Suddenly, I noticed a MASSIVE branch, about a foot or more around, had been snapped off by the wind and was now falling right to the street in front of us. Luckily I was paying attention and had just BARELY enough time to slam on my brakes and swerve out of the way. The branch was big enough and falling from high enough that if it would have hit us, we would not have walked away from this. It was big! Anyway, so I had swerved out of the way and was working my way around it when I noticed a power line snaking on the road right in front of us. I had no idea if it was live or not, but I paniced anyway. I hit the brakes and threw the car in reverse. I screamed at Cory that there was a power line as I backed out of the way. The rain is pounding and all this just happened in about a 5 second time frame. Once the car was stopped, Cory jumped out into the rain to try and stop the cars behind us from running over the line. We got enough people stopped that we could create a road block to keep people from the mess. Cory called the police and was out running around stopping cars in the pouring rain and powerful lightening. I was terrified. Anyway, what had happened was the wind was so bad, it ripped an even bigger branch off the same tree right before we got there that landed on the power line. That branch was so big that the tug on the power line snapped the power pole and brought down the line. Then the huge branch that almost hit us came off. It all happened so fast. Thank heavens we are okay and the line that fell wasn't live and no one got hurt. It was kind of intense. We're lucky we weren't another half a second faster or who knows what would have happened! Anyway, we made it home safe. Oh, and the weirdest part was the storm left about 2 minutes later. No wind, light rain. So weird. But we're alive!
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Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you guys are okay! That sounds like a crazy storm!

Lisa McLachlan said...

Congrats on the race & surviving the storm. Did you hear we had a tornado around willard bay on Sunday? Craziness. Are you still serious about getting a Lagoon season pass? I will if you will. I guess they are $95.95 if you get one before June 7th. Let me know. See you this weekend.