Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

This weekend was a lot of fun. Tyler and Tory came down to celebrate Brock's birthday. They got in Friday evening. As soon as they were settled we were off to the Gateway to see Terminator. Everyone loved it. Then Saturday we had his BBQ party where he got to play in his cake.

Then we ordered pizza and had a fire out back and enjoyed each others company. We spent Sunday morning with them before they headed off to Tory's parents house. It was a good time. Today (memorial day) we went to see Night At The Museum 2. It was pretty funny. Then Cory had to go to work so I hung out with Heather. She's awesome! Sorry this is such a short, unexciting post. I'm not feeling well and need to get to bed.
Here are all the birthday pictures:


Mutant potatoes!

So have you ever let potatoes grow those little white buds on them? Did you know they don't stop growing if left alone? Well now you do... We forgot all about a bag of potatoes in the storage room and this is what they mutated in to. Sick!
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A Blog For Some of You

I am so excited for summer! We've been kicking off the warm weather the right way by doing as many fun things as possible. Cory got tickets to the Bee's game last night, so we made a date out of it. We went and got sushi and sat there talking about stuff when we realized something. 2 years ago yesterday was the night of that blessed camping trip where we met and started dating. So we decided to celebrate our "2 year anniversary" so to speak. Anyway, so we headed to the game and had a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure the Bee's won. When we left they were up by 6 with 1 inning left. Yeah, we should have stayed, but the game was flirting with our bedtime, so we left. Anyway, I cannot believe we've only known each other for 2 years. It seems like we've been together forever. Which is how it should feel I guess right? I am the luckiest girl in the world. Cory is for sure my better half. He always makes me happy and is constantly making me laugh... case in point, this picture:

He's my personal angel. Although, I think the best part of this picture is the guy behind us.

Anyway, I also wanted to write a montage to my mom and my sister. I tell my mom how much I love her a lot, but in honor of Mother's Day being Sunday, I decided I should let her know why she rocks.
1. You were always my best friend growing up and still compete with Cory for that title now. I know you will always be there for me and that I can trust you with anything.
2. You let me complain just about every day. I know I can always call you and vent and you'll help me feel better.
3. I'm your little clone and I love that we think a like and love the same things.
4. You are always working your butt off for us. Even now that most of us (cough, cough, Collin) are independent you still work to provide us with little things here and there. That shows true devotion.
5. You aren't an over barring mom and because of that, you let me learn and grow on my own. I believe that's made me stronger and more independent.
6. You have always put family first and I know that will never change.
7. You tell me when I'm being stupid. I need that. A lot.
8. You take time to love each of us (your kids) individually. We all cherish one-on-one mom time.
9. You taught me to love music and it has become a major part of who I am.
10. Even when we are giving you crap or making stupid choices, you never love us any less and we know it. Your love is pure and true.
11. You're rock solid testimony of the Gospel has been an inspiration to me throughout my whole life.
12. I LOVE YOU!!

Yeah, my mom is the best. I also want to tell my sister why I love her. Lisa, you're awesome. I know we haven't always been super close. I blame the tide. And swine flu. But seriously, you're my sister and I love you so much. I will always hold close to me those years when we were both in Logan and we grew a little closer. You were there for me, and got my lazy butt to the gym. You're very caring of others. You love to surprise us and spoil us when you can. You've been a shining example of the Lord and I know you are so blessed because of that. You're a lot of fun to be with when we get to do things together. You watch out for us younger siblings and we know that you love us very much. Lisa, you're awesome and don't ever forget that. I love you too!!

Sorry to the rest of the public who's reading this, I just wanted everyone to know how lucky I am to have such incredible people in my life. And to my other family members who weren't mentioned your time is coming :) I LOVE MY LIFE!!


Mother's Day Weekend

We had a spectacular Mother's Day weekend. Tyler and Tory came into town late Friday night. Saturday, we spent the morning at the house just laying around and dancing in the living room with Bradlee. Then, we decided to go to the Zoo. Um, BIG mistake. People were parked 10 blocks away and up Immigration Canyon. We passed the entrance to turn around and the Zoo was a sea of people. We changed our minds. We went to Cafe Rio for lunch then decided to head to Tracey Aviary because Bradlee loves birds. It was a lot of fun. She was so excited to see all the birds. After we saw some baby duckies she started called all the birds "baby birds." It was way cute! After we exhausted ourselves inside the Aviary, we rode the ferris wheel outside the entrance and let Bradlee ride the Merry-go-Round and the airplanes.

"Baby birds!"

Bradlee's "monster" face.

Riding the planes

He loves his Daddy

And his Mommy!

Collin and Liz. They made out on the ride haha

Some of the family. We're missing Tory, Cory, and Liz.

I love you, Mom!!!

So this peacock was totally showing off for a female that was right next to him. He had his feathers extended and was shaking them and doing a weird dance. Gotta love spring... the best part was, she wasn't even remotely interested. The situation reminded me of being at Gold's Gym.

Tory and her beautiful children. She's such a good mom.

Cory was finally off work at this time so he met up with us and we drove out to Rio Tinto for the EAGLES CONCERT!! It was awesome! I wish I wasn't so tired, but I still enjoyed it very much. Our tickets said no camera's, so I don't have any decent pictures of the concert. I just have the few I took on my cell. I was really impressed with the sound system there and attending a concert outdoors was a lot of fun. After the concert we went home and crashed. Sunday, we went over to see Cory's family and his mom. We had a steak lunch and sat around and enjoyed the company. Everyone bailed pretty early to go watch a movie, so we headed back over to my mom's to spend more time with Tyler and Tory. We BBQ'd more steak and played croquet in the backyard. It was a great day! I love having my whole family together. It's when I'm the most happy. After saying goodbye to Tyler and his family last night, I cried the whole ride home. I love them. We had a great time!

The stage.

My Dad has these awful glasses that help him see things that are far away. Tyler clearly feels secure in them.

In other news, I checked my grades today. I got a 3.7 this semester. I'm pretty excited about that. And my cumulative is a 3.6. Go me haha. Cory's aren't posted yet but I'm sure he did great as well... we'll have to wait and see.


I'm A Believer

For the past little while I've been getting really bad tension headaches. Nothing I would do or take would help relieve the pain. I know a bit about yoga and have attended classes before but never consistently. Yoga has so many benefits for the body. I've heard "miracle" stories of yoga curing physical ailments, so I decided to be consistent with it and see if it would help my head. I'm happy to say, I haven't had a headache in a while. It's also helped my stress level, digestive system, and in time, I'm convinced it'll help my posture. I'm a sloucher. Anyway, I love yoga and I urge you to give it a try!


Frightening Drive

So about a half hour ago, Cory and I were headed home on Orchard Drive from my parents house for Sunday dinner. When we left my parents house, the rain was barely a sprinkle and we could see lightening a little ways away. At about Val Verde (roughly a mile from my parents house) we hit a huge storm cell. The rain started getting heavier and the wind was blowing like crazy. Lightening also was closer. We continued driving till we were by the apartments across from Boulton Elementary. Suddenly, I noticed a MASSIVE branch, about a foot or more around, had been snapped off by the wind and was now falling right to the street in front of us. Luckily I was paying attention and had just BARELY enough time to slam on my brakes and swerve out of the way. The branch was big enough and falling from high enough that if it would have hit us, we would not have walked away from this. It was big! Anyway, so I had swerved out of the way and was working my way around it when I noticed a power line snaking on the road right in front of us. I had no idea if it was live or not, but I paniced anyway. I hit the brakes and threw the car in reverse. I screamed at Cory that there was a power line as I backed out of the way. The rain is pounding and all this just happened in about a 5 second time frame. Once the car was stopped, Cory jumped out into the rain to try and stop the cars behind us from running over the line. We got enough people stopped that we could create a road block to keep people from the mess. Cory called the police and was out running around stopping cars in the pouring rain and powerful lightening. I was terrified. Anyway, what had happened was the wind was so bad, it ripped an even bigger branch off the same tree right before we got there that landed on the power line. That branch was so big that the tug on the power line snapped the power pole and brought down the line. Then the huge branch that almost hit us came off. It all happened so fast. Thank heavens we are okay and the line that fell wasn't live and no one got hurt. It was kind of intense. We're lucky we weren't another half a second faster or who knows what would have happened! Anyway, we made it home safe. Oh, and the weirdest part was the storm left about 2 minutes later. No wind, light rain. So weird. But we're alive!
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Runnin' With the Lions!

I finally did it. Today I ran my first official race. My school put on a fund raising 5K that we ran this morning; in the torrential downpour. It was actually a lot of fun. My friend and coworker Shelly ran it also. I didn't get as good of a time as I wanted, but I'll blame that on the rain. I'm so glad I did it. I'm definitely going to be running more. What a great sense of accomplishment! (I know, I know, it's only 3.2 miles. But it was still cool). Here are some really bad picture. It's impossible to look cute when you're soaked to the bone.

Shelly and I before the race began. We were relatively dry at this point.

Waiting for the guy to say go. I'm in the blue jacket huddled back there.

And we're off....

Here I come...

My upper body looks so freaking weird in this picture! It's awful but it;s the only finish line picture Cory was able to get so... TA DA!!

I'm drenched, but happy.

We did it!! And we're freezing!