Mean Girls

I watched the movie Mean Girls with a friend last night. That movie never stops making me laugh. But every time I watch it, as corny as this sounds, it always teaches me a valuable lesson. Girls are far more judgemental than guys, simply because most of us are insecure. But my favorite line in that movie says "calling someone else fat doesn't make you any skinnier, and calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter. And screwing up Regina's life certainly didn't make me any happier". I love that line because it's SO true! We can put down people all we want, but it doesn't make us any better. It only makes us worse. I'm guilty of that in some regards. I think we all are. Each time I see that movie I vow to be less insecure and try not to judge. So, I'm going to do my best. I'm not going to let those who bug me get to me anymore, at least I'm going to try. I know it'll make me happier in the end.
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Things are really starting to pick up around here. My car has broken down, again. Every time it does it's usually something small, but since German engineered cars are so dumb, it usually takes Cory forever to find out what the problem is. We've decided we've had enough. Once it's up and running again, we're going to sell it. I have mixed emotions. I will not ever miss that car. But, I am months away from having it paid off and being debt free. We of course will need a new one, and the thought of starting a new debt (even a necessary one) makes me sad. But I am stoked about finally driving something nicer and reliable. When the blessed day comes, we'll be sure to let you know.

We are in our final week of school. We couldn't be more excited. We're both ready for a relaxing summer without a whole lot of stress. Cory will still be working at Dick's, but hopefully will be working a few more day shifts so we can spend some nights together. I am going to be tutoring some kids from school for a couple hours a day. Other than that, we have ample plans to play and be pool bums. We may even get Lagoon passes again just for something to do on the days Cory doesn't work. I can't wait!!!

Life is good. We're happy, healthy, and very blessed. I wouldn't trade our life for anyones.


Twilight Mayhem

The funniest thing happened the other day. I'm sure it was one of those "you had to be there" moments to get the full effect, but we'll see. Oh, and one important fact to know before the story begins, we have a boy named Jacob in our homeroom class.

In my reading class the kids have been working hard and yesterday I decided they needed a reward. I was also not having a particularly wonderful day, so I decided for the last 15 minutes of class we were going to have "relaxation" time. We don't do it very often, but when we do, we turn the lights out, lay on the floor and relax for a few minutes. The kids love it, as well as their teacher. Anyway, as soon as I told them this, a chorus of "Yays!" and "You're the best teacher!" erupted. Kids can be so nice when they want something :). We all found our spots on the floor. The girls came and huddled around me and the boys formed their own click somewhere else in the room. I told them they were allowed to WHISPER to each other, but that was it. All the girls around me were whispering and giggling and asking me strange question. Finally, there was a break in the conversation and from the boys section, I hear a faint voice say,
"I like the vampire Edward."
It caught me off guard, so I strained my ears to listen. One adorable boy was cluing in all the others on the Twilight saga. I heard him say,
"Yeah she does love Edward. But then he leaves and she meets Jacob. And Jacob is a warewolf and she thinks she might like him, but then Edward comes back and she can't decide. But seriously, Jacob is a wareful!"
I heard inaudible responses from the other boys (they were following my whispering directions, for once, when I wanted to hear what they were saying...) but it was obvious they were having a deep conversation about it. I tried to hold back to laughter so hard it brought tears to my eyes. Finally, when I had gained some control, I whispered to the boy who was re-telling the story (trying to keep the girls from hearing and teasing him)
"Hey, how do you know all about Twilight?"
It turns out his family listens to it on CD. Anyway, he told me this and I asked him quietly,
"So you know that Jacob is a warewolf, huh?"
"yeah," he says.
Right then, one of the girls shot right up, with an absolutely terrified look on her face and asks,
"Jacob in our class is a warewolf?!"
I had never made that connection and at the thought of it and the panicked look on her face, I completely lost it. I was still laying down on my back, which always tends to make you laugh harder, and I just laughed and laughed. Of course the kids weren't expecting it, and since I couldn't control myself, they all joined in laughing as well. It got pretty noisy, but it was so dang funny. I love my job, I really, really do.


Spring Break with Goblins!!

Ah, Spring Break! It's always a wonderful time. This year, we ventured down to Goblin Valley. Cory and I left Thursday morning and met up with my family. We set up camp then headed over to the Valley of Goblins to play around. We had my family, the Schears, the Gibbs, and the Marda's with us. It was a big group and we had lots of laughs. After playing around there and enjoying the warm sun, we went back to camp and did our usual thing. Friday we went to hike Little Wild Horse Canyon. It's a slot canyon that is so awesome! We got right to the really cool part only to discover that is was full of water due to the amount of moisture mother nature has insisted on dumping on us. None of us were prepared to get wet when it was only 55 degrees anyway, so we went back, But hey, at least the hike was short. There's always next time. Saturday, all the other families went home and we kind of did our own thing. The weather wasn't in our favor so we drove down a dirt road and found an old abandoned mining town and some open mines. I was too scared to venture in very deep, but Cory had a great time. Overall it was a really fun trip. Cory and I finally got to spend some substantial time together. I felt kind of reclusive but it was time we really needed. I'm not looking forward to going back to work. I wish I could just camp all the time :(. Anyway, here are some pictures of the big adventure. Sorry they're in reverse order. I hope everyone had a happy Easter!

Inside the mine

The mine...obviously.

We're thinking of buying this as our first starter home...

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Cory showing off

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Us waiting for the group to catch up

The moon was awesome at night!

I had to post this... it's too perfect.

Thumbs up!

He makes me laugh, that's why I love him.





Today, I wish more than anything that everyone I know and love could be sharing the happiness and peace that comes from striving to live righteously. I would never dare compare myself to the Savior, but I think today I have a VERY small glimpse of the love He has for us and for the reason He died for us. Without the Atonement, there would be no hope.



If my mind was a newspaper, here is what the headlines would be reading right now...
1. Idol Hopeful Megan Joy Drunk on Stage?
2. Bountiful Drivers Declared Biggest JERKS Ever!
3. Missing Husband: Wife is Lonely
4. Mother Nature Found Stick Up Butt
5. Stress Headaches: Is There a Cure?
6. Bag of Popcorn Found Not to be Nutritional Dinner
7. Sucky Day, Hopes for a Better Tomorrow
8. Tired, Sleep is Needed