Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

Wow! I am at a loss for words. I can't even begin to explain how blessed we have been this past month. Talk about humbling. For the past couple weeks, we were worried that we may start hurting for money. We've been praying for help, and boy has it come! Cory may have gotten a raise at work, along with tons more hours. I was blessed with some extra money out of nowhere. Today, Cory got a fairly large check from SLCC because apparently he qualifies for tuition reimbursement - so he got most of it back today. I just want to get on my knees and cry. We don't feel worthy to be so blessed. In fact, we've been more than adequately blessed since day one. I am just so grateful for the Lord and how he watches out for each and every one of us. I try to be appreciative of the luxuries we have because we know many people around the country and around the world may never experience it. We're so lucky.

Now to switch gears for a moment, there is something I would like to talk about. I know I've mentioned this before, but it may be time for a refresher. People keep asking me when we're going to have kids. My smart Alec answer is "9 months after we get pregnant." I just want to clarify that we're not looking to go to that next stage of our lives yet. Unless we have a boo-boo, our family size wont be growing for at least another year. We do not under any circumstanced condemn those the choose parenthood early. We just don't want it yet. I hope that helps clear things up for everyone :).

And now to leave you with a couple laughs from the mouths (and other parts) of first graders...

" I have the Decoration of Independence at my house!"

Today my favorite little girl was up at the board in front of the class editing a sentence. Suddenly, a rather loud fart rang out throughout the classroom. Becky and I were in the back of the room and we weren't sure who had blessed us with such a gem. Judging by the confused searching looks of most of the students, they didn't know either. Then the sweet little girl working on the white board lets out the most hilarious guilty giggle I've ever heard. You can imagine the uproar that followed. Mrs. Aposhian told me later it reeked up front. Way to go kiddo! :)


Jennifer said...

I am so glad things are going so wonderfully for you guys!! It is great to be so blessed, and even greater when you always recognize where those blessings come from.

Those kids must be so much fun!

I love your smart alec answer, by the way. :)

Lacie said...

I love hearing stories like these! I am so happy for you and Cory and I think you guys have so much more in store for you!!!! YAY!