Keepin' It Real

I just realized that I haven't updated our blog in almost 2 weeks. Most of that is due to the fact that we have the most spastic Internet ever and it only works when it wants to... and the last 2 weeks apparently have not been fitting into it's schedule. Which is perfect timing for the last few weeks of the semester of my online classes when all my big projects and assignments are due... anyway, I'm not bitter.

We're doing alright. Cory transferred to the meat department where he's been working 2-10 pm shifts. We're excited he's getting TONS more hours but we never get to see each other. I've been a baby about it honestly because I miss him, and I usually end up spending the nights alone in the basement. So if anyone gets bored, CALL ME!! Cory's also making preparations to buy a locker for his Jeep. He's very excited for our Moab trip this year in October. Oh, and a little while ago, SLCC held a welding competition at school and he got 3rd place! :) He's too modest to think it's a big deal but I was proud of him. It means he's doing a great job!

Things are a little crazy on my end but I'm doing okay. I'm sick AGAIN. I LOVE my job but I can't wait for summer when I'm not surrounded by adorable germ carriers. We have some exciting events coming up. We're headed to Goblin Valley for Spring Break in about 10 days. The Salt Lake Marathon is in 3 weeks. I hope being sick doesn't cramp my style too much. The semester will be over 2 weeks after that. April will be busy for us, but we'll manage.

Anyway, I know that's pretty boring and general but it's an update none the less.

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