My Sweetheart

Tory did this and it seemed fun so, here we go...
My Sweetheart

1. Where did you first meet your sweetheart?
We met on a camping trip. Cory's roommate invited Me to go camping and I didn't want to go but I said yes anyway. We hit it off around the campfire... sparks flew... emotions ran high... all 7 of us crammed in one tent and we secretly picked a spot next to each other. Cory even undressed in front of all of us ( it was completely dark) and I kept teasing him threatening to look. I woke up once during the night and Cory was snuggled up to my back. It was then that I knew. . . he had the hots for me.

2. What do you remember most about him/her?
Megan: I remember Cory was funny and had a Jeep :) I also remember thinking he may be a jerk because when we were packing to leave he gave Hillary and Kyla a bad time for "packing too much" when they had bags half the size of mine. But he turned out to be amazing.
Cory: How pretty she was, how much fun she was.

3. Who asked who out first?
Cory asked me out first. We had flirted like mad the whole trip but never exchanged numbers or anything. I loitered around their house when we got back waiting for him to ask me for my number but then I decided to go. As I was putting my stuff in my car, he came over and asked if I wanted to go to Cafe Rio. What can I say, the guys knows me :)

4. What did you do on your first date?
I guess Cafe Rio would be the first date. We also went swimming at our bishops house right after.

5. What were your favorite things to do together when you were dating?
Megan: cook together, go for rides in the jeep, cuddle
Cory: go jeeping and camping

6. When was your first kiss with your sweetheart?
May, a couple days after we met. But we did "sleep together" our first night so it wasn't a shock. haha

7. When did you first realize you loved him or her?
Megan: There wasn't a moment for me when it dawned on me but I started to realize it when I would hurt inside when I wasn't with him and that he made me feel happier and more confident than I think I've ever been.
Cory: I just kind of knew after a while (Cory also says "I'm a guy" when being asked "That's it?" By his wife)

8.Who said it (I love you) first?
Megan did. I did it over text - LAME! But given my history with loving people, I was too terrified of telling someone that in person. He said he loved me too about a week later.

9.How did he/she propose?
Um, we went to President Hinckley's viewing. After he asked if I wanted to walk around the Salt Lake Temple. I said no because I was freezing and hungry. He begged and I finally caved. We were the only 2 on the grounds. We already knew we were going to marry each other so we were talking about how cool it was going to be to get married there. He dropped to his knee, pulled out the ring and asked (he was also choking up). For some reason I kept trying to get him to stand up.. not sure why. Cory also wants me to mention that we got Burger King after and went to his house to grab something at the same time the drug dealer across the street was getting arrested by the cops. There were about 10 cops raiding the apartment. It was exciting, but I didn't care. I made him leave so I could go tell my mom we were finally engaged :) Then we got to her house and ate our dinner first for a good 20 minutes before telling her. She hit me when she realized we waited that long haha.

10. What are two things you remember most about your wedding day?
Megan: Feeling so incredibly happy and just having a blast!
Cory: The heat (it was high 90's) and feeling the love, joy and happiness (awwww)

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What a fun post you guys! I liked reading it from both perspectives. Thank you for sharing!