An Inspiring Funeral

Today was the funeral. I've never been to a funeral before where I wasn't family and for some reason I felt totally awkward. That was, until her family spoke. It was the most uplifting, beautiful, and most peaceful service I have ever been to. Don't get me wrong, it was still hard. But it was so wonderful. Adrianne left behind 4 siblings. All of them spoke heartfelt words about their sister. Her sister Melissa and a friend sang a gorgeous musical number and kept it together impressively. Then her parents spoke... Wow. I admire the strength and testimonies of her parents. Now I see where Adrianne got it from. They are incredible people. Their messages were so full of love and hope and faith. Cory and I both mentioned how at peace we felt. This isn't the end and she is so happy where she is now. Her dad read some of her journal entries. I was blown away. Even the words she used in her journal were profound and poetic. She really had a heart of gold. Her mom also mentioned that she was able to donate her beautiful blue eyes and her heart. Two more people can now have better lives because of her generosity. Today was a huge testimony builder of so many things for me. The gospel is true and I cannot imagine trying to cope with this loss without knowing that she lives and that we'll see her again. The Holy Ghost is real and he comforts us whenever we need it. The priesthood is truly the power of God. I realized what a great example Adrianne was to us all with her never failing faith in the Lord. I was blown away by the number of people that came to her funeral. She touched hundreds of lives. I want to make that kind of difference too. She is going to be my inspiration. I feel so stupid because the things I've cared about lately have been so trivial and selfish. I want to make a difference. She has so many people who considered her a best friend. I want that too. I want to be there for the people I really love. She's inspired me. I felt today that her purpose for dying is not just the Lord said it was her time. There can be many reasons and good things that come from it. One of her siblings said today that there is always good in the bad. There is always light in the dark. And although her death is tragic and I'm going to miss her so much is hurts, so many good things can come from her passing and I intend to find one that can help inspire me to make the world and little better and carry on her example. The Lord has a plan for each of us and whether it requires our work be done in this life or the next, we're still living. And we're still serving the Lord. I love the Gospel. I'm so grateful for being blessed today and for the awe inspiring examples of her parents. I want to leave that kind of a legacy. So Adrianne, thanks for inspiring me to be better. I'll never forget you.
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Jes said...

I agree! The funeral was beautiful, and its almost funny that her family were the ones comforting me/us when youd think it should be the other way around! :)
I still miss her like crazy, but I am more positive now, and etc.
Youre posts (this one and the couple before, I read also) are all so sweet! (you should post them ... or parts on the blog for her :)...)
Take care girl!...and thank you for writing and sharing these!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing this. It makes me want to be better too.