My Sweetheart

Tory did this and it seemed fun so, here we go...
My Sweetheart

1. Where did you first meet your sweetheart?
We met on a camping trip. Cory's roommate invited Me to go camping and I didn't want to go but I said yes anyway. We hit it off around the campfire... sparks flew... emotions ran high... all 7 of us crammed in one tent and we secretly picked a spot next to each other. Cory even undressed in front of all of us ( it was completely dark) and I kept teasing him threatening to look. I woke up once during the night and Cory was snuggled up to my back. It was then that I knew. . . he had the hots for me.

2. What do you remember most about him/her?
Megan: I remember Cory was funny and had a Jeep :) I also remember thinking he may be a jerk because when we were packing to leave he gave Hillary and Kyla a bad time for "packing too much" when they had bags half the size of mine. But he turned out to be amazing.
Cory: How pretty she was, how much fun she was.

3. Who asked who out first?
Cory asked me out first. We had flirted like mad the whole trip but never exchanged numbers or anything. I loitered around their house when we got back waiting for him to ask me for my number but then I decided to go. As I was putting my stuff in my car, he came over and asked if I wanted to go to Cafe Rio. What can I say, the guys knows me :)

4. What did you do on your first date?
I guess Cafe Rio would be the first date. We also went swimming at our bishops house right after.

5. What were your favorite things to do together when you were dating?
Megan: cook together, go for rides in the jeep, cuddle
Cory: go jeeping and camping

6. When was your first kiss with your sweetheart?
May, a couple days after we met. But we did "sleep together" our first night so it wasn't a shock. haha

7. When did you first realize you loved him or her?
Megan: There wasn't a moment for me when it dawned on me but I started to realize it when I would hurt inside when I wasn't with him and that he made me feel happier and more confident than I think I've ever been.
Cory: I just kind of knew after a while (Cory also says "I'm a guy" when being asked "That's it?" By his wife)

8.Who said it (I love you) first?
Megan did. I did it over text - LAME! But given my history with loving people, I was too terrified of telling someone that in person. He said he loved me too about a week later.

9.How did he/she propose?
Um, we went to President Hinckley's viewing. After he asked if I wanted to walk around the Salt Lake Temple. I said no because I was freezing and hungry. He begged and I finally caved. We were the only 2 on the grounds. We already knew we were going to marry each other so we were talking about how cool it was going to be to get married there. He dropped to his knee, pulled out the ring and asked (he was also choking up). For some reason I kept trying to get him to stand up.. not sure why. Cory also wants me to mention that we got Burger King after and went to his house to grab something at the same time the drug dealer across the street was getting arrested by the cops. There were about 10 cops raiding the apartment. It was exciting, but I didn't care. I made him leave so I could go tell my mom we were finally engaged :) Then we got to her house and ate our dinner first for a good 20 minutes before telling her. She hit me when she realized we waited that long haha.

10. What are two things you remember most about your wedding day?
Megan: Feeling so incredibly happy and just having a blast!
Cory: The heat (it was high 90's) and feeling the love, joy and happiness (awwww)


ADD Post

Alright first of all, I just noticed I spelled "bubble" wrong on my previous post. Haha, sadly no, I'm not a moron I was just in a huge rush. That is the end result when you get bored enough waiting for your husband to be ready to go that you blog about calories, and then suddenly in the middle of the fun he decides he wants to go NOW. But I'm going to leave it spelling wrong I've decided - it adds kericter.

I also had a little hiccup today while trying to log into my blogger account. It said I had "conflicting edits" and that too many people were trying to edit my blog at the same time.... has anyone else received that error by fluke chance? Or should I be concerned about a hacker? Not that there's much they can really do with my blog account except post horrible things about me such as what a bad speler I am... Oh well. Let me know if you've seen that before. Such as.

I've been a little stingy on the updates. Honestly, it's because I haven't really had much to say. It's been a rough few weeks for me. I've been handling personal grievances and have been trying not to collapse under emotional pressure. I always bottle things up inside me so my problems tend to fester there and become worse than they actually are. I believe my mom calls this disorder "drama-queen-itus." I tend to over react because honestly, I'm a walking vigorously shaken can of Coke most of the time. All you have to do is add a small amount of pressure and I explode. Lucky for you all it doesn't happen that often, but it does happen. Anyway, I've been on the "emotional" side lately. Thanks to one of my Coke-geyser moments on Sunday, I've been able to talk more openly with Cory about how I'm feeling and that has really helped me. So I think I'm coming around. I feel a little happier each day which is awesome. However, on top of all that crap, I've been really sick. I got a cold 2 weeks ago yesterday. It felt like it was starting to go away in Cheyenne and then it just unloaded on me. And it never got better. Monday night and Tuesday all day I started getting feverish and had swollen glands. So I decided to go see a doctor (who coincidentally had the same thing I did) and I finally have something to help me feel better!!! I couldn't be happier. Hopefully by Friday I'll be able to run without hacking up a lung or having to stop for a tissue. And I'm considering having Cory build me some kind of "bubble" that I can adequately survive in because I can't help but wonder how soon I'll catch the next bug going around with how often I get coughed on each day. It's unnerving.

So the purpose of this blog, we're doing OK. Cory has also been dealing with some frustrations as well. He's been feeling a little down but we do our best to lift each other up. The warm weather has been nice because he's been able to get out and work on his jeep. He's been talking more and more about making custom bumpers for Jeep Grand Cherokee's since his is so awesome :). The idea really excites him. So we'll see what happens. We've also been jumping the gun a little and have been looking at houses. We're not in the market yet, but we've been getting prices and floor plans so that when we are ready, we know how much we need to save for a down payment and what kind of house suits our needs. It's been fun yet very depressing. I wish we could have our own house now. Someday though. It'll happen.

So sorry this blog is pretty pointless and all over the place. Today is just the first time in a while I've felt like saying something. So, enough said.


Buble Burster

Just an FYI to all you Costa Vida / Cafe Rio salad lovers. I found a calculator on Costa Vida's website that lets you calculate the calories in all their ingredients. The total of a salad (with an extra dressing...) 1477!!! YIKES!! I'm assuming Cafe Rio is about the same if not more. That is without sour cream and with black beans. Pinto beans are more. They taste so dang good but it makes me think twice about eating them.


A Cheynie Weekend

This weekend we ventured out to Cheyenne to see Tyler and Tory. We left at about 5:45 Saturday morning, just about the same time the first snow storm hit the west. We drove in a blizzard till Evanston and then we finally got ahead of the storm and made it safely there. Saturday we went to Red Lobster for Valentines Day. Then we came home and visited for a short time because we were all very tired and were ready for bed. Sunday we went to church (they have an awesome ward) then came home and watched movies and made Valentines cookies with Bradlee. Monday was by far the best day. We drove down to Loveland, Colorado to go shopping since they have outlet stores down there. We went to Costa Vida for lunch where I actually branched out and tried the chicken tacos. WOW! I haven't shut up about them since, they were so good! Then we did an ample amount of shopping. Cory and I got new pants and some cologne/perfume. My mom and I took Bradlee into the Build-a-Bear Workshop and let her pick out a teddy. She was so fun to watch. The weather was absolutely perfect down there. It was about 55-60 with sunshine. It was hard to leave. Then we drove back to Cheyenne and went to get some pizza. Today, we woke up and came home in high wind gusts and snow. But we made it. It was a lot of fun and I know I needed the trip. Bradlee and Brock are growing so fast. Bradlee is learning to say more and more and she is so much fun!! Brock never stops smiling (except when Tyler pushes him over and he bonks his head and then smacks Tyler in the face... lol) and he is the sweetest little boy. We had a lot of fun and we miss them already and can't wait to see them again! Here are some pictures, sorry they're in no particular order, I didn't want to arrange them.
p.s. Friday we bought a treadmill. I am so excited!! I finally have enough equipment that I can have a "home gym." We're excited!


An Inspiring Funeral

Today was the funeral. I've never been to a funeral before where I wasn't family and for some reason I felt totally awkward. That was, until her family spoke. It was the most uplifting, beautiful, and most peaceful service I have ever been to. Don't get me wrong, it was still hard. But it was so wonderful. Adrianne left behind 4 siblings. All of them spoke heartfelt words about their sister. Her sister Melissa and a friend sang a gorgeous musical number and kept it together impressively. Then her parents spoke... Wow. I admire the strength and testimonies of her parents. Now I see where Adrianne got it from. They are incredible people. Their messages were so full of love and hope and faith. Cory and I both mentioned how at peace we felt. This isn't the end and she is so happy where she is now. Her dad read some of her journal entries. I was blown away. Even the words she used in her journal were profound and poetic. She really had a heart of gold. Her mom also mentioned that she was able to donate her beautiful blue eyes and her heart. Two more people can now have better lives because of her generosity. Today was a huge testimony builder of so many things for me. The gospel is true and I cannot imagine trying to cope with this loss without knowing that she lives and that we'll see her again. The Holy Ghost is real and he comforts us whenever we need it. The priesthood is truly the power of God. I realized what a great example Adrianne was to us all with her never failing faith in the Lord. I was blown away by the number of people that came to her funeral. She touched hundreds of lives. I want to make that kind of difference too. She is going to be my inspiration. I feel so stupid because the things I've cared about lately have been so trivial and selfish. I want to make a difference. She has so many people who considered her a best friend. I want that too. I want to be there for the people I really love. She's inspired me. I felt today that her purpose for dying is not just the Lord said it was her time. There can be many reasons and good things that come from it. One of her siblings said today that there is always good in the bad. There is always light in the dark. And although her death is tragic and I'm going to miss her so much is hurts, so many good things can come from her passing and I intend to find one that can help inspire me to make the world and little better and carry on her example. The Lord has a plan for each of us and whether it requires our work be done in this life or the next, we're still living. And we're still serving the Lord. I love the Gospel. I'm so grateful for being blessed today and for the awe inspiring examples of her parents. I want to leave that kind of a legacy. So Adrianne, thanks for inspiring me to be better. I'll never forget you.
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A Time For Reflection

These past couple days have been really hard. I've found myself feeling guilty for taking Adrianne's death as hard as I have because I'm not family. But, she was one of my best friends. Whenever I had a problem, she was always the first to contact me and find out why and how she could help. I loved her. I've tried to act normal around people and not cry. I've tried to keep going on with life. But I feel guilty when I do. I'm not sure why, it's the best thing I could do right now. But she died 2 days ago and I feel like I'm not mourning if I act normal. I'm not real sure what to do with myself. I also feel guilty because I should have been a better friend to her like she was to me. I understand it's normal for every wrong you've ever done to someone to come back and haunt you when you lose someone. I need to keep telling myself that's normal and I don't need to feel awful for ignoring a text a couple times or for getting into debates with her about onions. This is the time to reflect on how amazing she was and all the good she did.

The first thing that comes to mind is that Adrianne was one of the 2 friends who were there for me during the absolute worst time of my life. I didn't want their help and the manner in which she tried to help just upset me at the time. But now that it's all over, I can see she just wanted me to be happy and she wanted to help in any way she knew how. She was always helping her friends. I can recall countless conversations with her about her friends and how much she loved them and how bad she wanted to help them. She was so loving.

Adrianne and I were roommates for a year and there are SO many memories I will always have of her. I'll never forget going to King's with Kelly and buying horrifying underwear and dressing up like freaks for no particular reason at all. I'll always admire her Guitar Hero skills and will never forget the hours of sleep we missed playing that game. After all, she and I are the original Guitar Playing Rejects. There were hours of laughs and stories and venting. She was a great friend. I remember the apartment we first lived in together was always so outrageously cold because the heater vents in my room didn't work. She lent me a bunch of her favorite blankets to put up on the wall to help hold heat in. We'd always go on McDonald's runs and when I was dirt poor, she'd offer to pay for mine. We both worked at Ensign together and always joked about raiding the parking lot one night and cutting the balloons off the cars and setting them free. I'll be sure to do that one for her next time I'm in Logan.

Adrianne had a fashion sense that I could never understand. I'm not that fashionable. I always thought that if the clothes fit, you should wear them. I never understand how amazing jeans can make you look until I met her. I never realized it was okay to buy a pair of shoes just to match that one dress you have in your closet and only be able to wear them with it. Heck I had no idea what Manolo's were until I met her. She always looked amazing, even in her pj's.

Adrianne was incredibly smart. She actually made me nervous because I'm not a fantastic speller and every time I'd post a blog, I'd worry she'd find mistakes. However, I'm grateful for that because it helped keep me from getting lazy. She was a brilliant writer and could express her emotions in ways I didn't understand sometimes. She had such a gift and I hope she's using it on the other side.

I'm going to miss her like crazy. Like Kelly, I'm going to have a difficult time watching the Office from now on. I used to always text her after every episode and we'd go on and on about that show like it was reality. The day she died I watched the Grammy's in a blur of confusion. Coldplay won an award, I have no idea what, but I felt angry that Chris Martin and the band had no idea one of their biggest fans had died that day. But those feelings are normal. In time, the confusion will die off. The mourning will end and we'll be able to get back to the way things were, but never forgetting her. We'll be able to see Michael Scott or John Krasinski without getting that stabbing pain in our heart or having those tears fall down our cheeks. We'll see those things that remind us of her and have fond, warm memories fill our hearts. The way she touched each of us can continue to touch us even after she's gone. We just need to hold tight to those memories. Adrianne is a unique wonderful person and she'll be waiting for us in the next life when it's our time to go home. I know there will be so many people who will be excited to see her. Adrianne, you're an angel. See you soon!

One Moment

If I could have one moment
To change a thing or two
I'd travel back in time
to before the Lord took you

So many things I'd want to say
But time would be so bare
Within the moments before you left
These things I'd want to share

So many lives you touched and blessed
with just your simple smile
Your gentle words and shining love
helped us feel worthwhile

In just your 23 years
upon this earth, you repleted
more than most of us still living
have sucessfully completed
'd tell you of the difference
you made in me, it's true
but most importantly I'd say
just how much I love you

Your frienship meant more to me
than I ever let you know
you affected us all in so many ways
and it hurts to see you go

We know you're in a finer place
Much better off than we
Your living with your Father now
and are smiling happily

If I could have one moment
to tell you something vital
it's that we love you deeply, dear
and we'll see you in a while

If I could have one moment
these words I would supply
so you would know just what you're worth
We love you Annie, goodbye


Goodbye My Friend

Today is not a day many of us are going to want to remember. Today the world lost a bright, fun, incredible friend. One of my best friends Adrianne McBride passed away today in a car accident. It's been an incredible shock and those of us who know and love her are trying to do the best we can. It's put into perspective how fragile life really is. I'm going to really miss her. I'll never be able to watch The Office, listen to Coldplay, order a double cheeseburger from Mcdonalds, or go out to eat at Chili's without thinking of her. There are so many things that remind me of her. It's hard to comprehend why it was her time to go when she was so young. But there are a few things I do know that will help keep myself, and many of the people who will miss her from getting completely discouraged. I know we'll see her and anyone we love that dies again. I know she'll still be able to live a good life on the other side. And I know that she is much happier now. We all have to die and I know the Lord has made it wonderful on the other side. It's just going to be really hard to go on without her. Our hearts and prayers go out to her family and many friends who are suffering right now. Adrianne, goodbye my dear, I will sorely miss you!! I Love you!


Enjoy :)

Little David is in the 1st grade. Yesterday morning when the teacher asked
the children what their fathers did, all the typical answers came up:
Policeman, fireman, salesman, etc.
The teacher noticed that little David was being uncharacteristically quiet
and so she asked him about his father.
'My father is an exotic dancer in a gay bar and takes off all his clothes in
front of other men. Sometimes, if the offer is really good, he'll go out to
the alley with some guy and do it with him for money.'
The teacher, obviously shaken by this statement, hurriedly set the other
children to work on some coloring, and took little David aside to ask him,
'Is this really true about your father?'
'No,' said David, red faced. 'He plays football for BYU, but I was too
embarrassed to say that in front of the other kids.'


A Huge Slap In The Face

These past few days have been awful. Lots of things have gone wrong or haven't worked out the way they should. I've been pretty fed up and dang grouchy. But today was probably the worst. Today I realized I truly am a "b-word." It was time for math and I walked in my room only to discover another teacher had removed all my meeting board things off the wall and replaced them with their posters. This normally would have just been irritating but today I totally flipped out (much to my embarrassment). The two other first grade instructors were there and since they're my friends I walked out of my room angry and told them what had happened. Their immediate response was "How can I help?" These girls are amazing, honestly. I am so appreciative of how much they have supported me the last couple days since my work load has doubled due to the teacher being sick and I've taken over. They are awesome. After we put things back up again and they left to their classrooms, reality hit me. First off, getting pissed was not the best way to handle that situation - but given the nightmare of a day I've had, I'm going to let that barely make it under the "normal" category because we all snap from time to time. However, then I thought this: Kristie and Becky dropped what they were doing to help me. In fact, they're always willing to help. If it had happened to one of them, what would my reaction have been? I want to say that I'd be as willing to help them, but I don't know what I'd do and that right there is the problem. Of course if they asked, I'd help them in a flash. But can't I be willing to help others without being asked? Can't I look outside of my own needs to see that? I began to cry right in the middle of teaching math and I've had a day of self-loathing ever since. I've become a selfish jerk. To anyone reading this, please don't post comments protesting to make me feel better, it's the truth and odds are everyone already knew that but me. All I focus on is how things effect me and what I do or do not want to do. Have I always been like that? I know I've probably been worse the last little while. For some reason I have been outrageously negative. It's been driving me crazy and I've been praying for help to overcome it, but I'm just bringing myself down with it. It makes my days that much worse. I know a reaction to that is to become more selfish and bratty. I need to do some soul searching and really find out why I'm allowing myself to act like this. This isn't who I am. And even if it was, it's not how I'm supposed to be. To anyone that I've been a brat too, I'm so sorry. I feel like a complete jack-ass. I'm going to do some reflecting and from now on, I hope you will see a better Megan. I just need to get past the hating myself for it stage first - which is also selfish. I'm so sorry friends and family. Things are going to look up. Bare with me.