New Year's Day Fun and Some Resolutions

Yesterday was the annual Hagloch family festivities that they do every New Year's Day. We went ice skating at the Rec Center. We had a lot of fun. I took my camera this year to get pictures but it turns out, I'm not coordinated enough to ice skate AND take pictures. So, I'm bumbing a couple off Kaela :). But we had fun. I always admire how close his whole family is.

Then Cory and I went and ran some errands and then all the adults met up at Chinese Gourmet for dinner. Cory and I of course gorged ourselves. It's a buffet, you're supposed to eat till you're sick! :) We had a great time just kicking back with family. Then we headed back to our house where we hooked up Cory's cousin Philips' projector and played Wii. Once everyone started to get bored, we started creating hilarious Mii characters. We made a short, fat pedophile named Stan, and we also made Dwight and Michael from The Office. It's hysterical! I think Michael turned out the best.

Well, then Cory and I got tired and headed to bed while everyone else stayed upstairs and watched Eagle Eye. It was a really fun day.

On another note, it's a new year! That typically means people make resolutions that they wont keep and such. However, I really feel powered up lately to change a few things about myself. Our whole purpose here on earth is to learn and improve ourselves. I really admire that my sister has posted her goals online, so I am going to do the same. Some are kind of personal, so I wont post them for everyone to see. But I'm hoping with most of these being public, I can get the help and support from my friends and family to help me achieve these. I have 6 categories. Here we go...

-Read my scriptures and pray EVERY night. I'm pretty good at doing this already, but I want to stop having those nights where I am too tired and I skip it.
-Do the above mentioned with Cory every night.
-Attend the temple monthly. Again, we do pretty good but I want to make it consistent.
-Prepare primary lessons in advance instead of that morning or in sacrament.

-Be more supportive
-Try and be more consistent with having a date night every week.

-I have a weight I would like to achieve but I'm not going to be specific
-I want to feel confident in a swimsuit

-Don't gossip about those I don't particularly like.
-I can be pretty selfish so I'm going to work on that
-Try not to judge people so quickly and be accepting of everyone

-Get homework done early so I'm not always rushing it
-Continue to get good grades

-Have a better attitude
-Work hard
-Try not to take things so personally

So there you have it. It's going to be a lot of work, but I can do it and I hopefully will be a better, more confident person when I have accomplished these. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Oh, and GO UTES!!!


Lisa McLachlan said...

Hey megan. Thanks for keeping your blog updated frequently so I have something to check up on. It's funny how I feel like I see you regularly, but I don't always hear about the little everyday stuff that can be so much fun. Good luck with your resolutions. I'm sure you'll do great.

Christensens said...

Awesome goals. It's already the new year and i didn't make any resolutions. Although if I did maybe it would be about procrastination. Maybe I'll get to it next year.