25 Random Facts

I was tagged on Facebook to do this "25 random facts about me" thing. I decided it would be fun to post it on here as well. Here we go.

1. I used to live in Kearns until we had gang members walking down the streets frequently and a girl slightly older than me was beat up in a school bathroom. Then we moved. I think the fact that we had 6 people in a 3 bedroom house may also have had something to do with it...

2. I've always been shy. I didn't actually talk to my uncles until I was 7 years old. They thought I was mentally retarded. Not kidding.

3. I've broken 3 bones, all of them twice. My ribs while playing ultimate Frisbee and church basketball (I was really into it), my tail bone roller blading and on a couch at a friends house, and my pinkie toe, at a church dance and running into the corner of the couch. I have bad luck with couches it seems.

4. In high school, I was given the opportunity to sing for the entire Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The First Presidency, and the whole Quorum of the Twelve. It was nerve racking.

5. I've taken dance lessons, gymnastics, violin for 3 weeks, and piano. I still play the piano.

6. I'm TERRIFIED of deep water. Once we went boating at Pineview and the boat almost flipped. I was so scared my first instinct was to jump out and swim to shore. We were in the middle of the lake... Despite the "come back!" screams of the group I was with, I kept going and wasn't killed by another boat. But the best part is, when almost to shore, I swam into an underwater tree who's mossy branches felt like clammy arms. I screamed bloody murder and kicked and thrashed and almost drowned. It's funny now... not so much then.

7. I was almost struck by lightening 2 summers ago while mowing a field at Oak Hills Elementary. It was so close I could feel an intense heat and the noise made my whole body hurt. It was horrifying.

8. I have double jointed thumbs. Lots of people do, but I like to gross people out none the less.

9. I've had hypothermia twice. Once in Moab when it snowed on us and another time at Pioneer Trek.

10. I got the wind knocked out of me when I was about 8. I was playing in the back of my uncles truck and fell out and couldn't breathe. My sister and my cousin walked outside after I fell and saw me laying under the truck. I couldn't yell anything to get them to help me so I just waved my arms. They waved back at me and kept on walking. I think they thought I was just being friendly.

11. I used to breed gerbils. Not intentionally, it just kind of happened that way.

12. In elementary I used to be afraid to play out in the field because there were lots of seagulls flying overhead and I didn't want to get pooped on.

13. I was rock climbing once and slipped and fell/slid a good distance. I landed on a 2 foot ledge just above a 150 ft drop. I left blood marks on the rock face as well.

14. I used to make stuff up about myself all the time when I was young. My favorite one was I would pretend I had asthma when we'd play tag so I wouldn't have to be it.

15. I attended Utah State University for 3 years without ever declaring a real major.

16. I initiated a 30 person snowball fight that lasted about 2 hours and ended with a boys apartment full of snow.

17. I am terrified of ET.

18. After swearing to everyone that my husband HAD to be somewhere in Logan, I finally moved home summer of 07 and a couple weeks later met Cory, my husband. We've never spent a day apart since.

19. I bought my first car in 2002 and I'm still paying it off.

20. Once while camping, my Dad and I went ahead of the rest of our family on the dirt bike to find a spot. We found one with 2 guys that were packing up to leave. My loving father left his about 7 year old daughter there alone with these men to "guard" the spot. While there they kept trying to coax me into their truck.

21. I would give anything to have a pet monkey.

22. growing up, being a teacher was the LAST thing I wanted to do, now it's the only thing I can see myself doing.

23. While on our honeymoon last summer in Vegas, we got our car stolen.

24. Like Wendy, I too love dark chocolate. I'm not a huge fan of milk chocolate.

25. Camping in Moab is the idea of a perfect vacation for me. If I ever make it to Hawaii, that might be a good choice as well, but until then, Moab is heaven.


Jennifer said...

I loved this post Megan! Some of those random facts really got me laughing! It's great to learn more about you. :)

Lacie said...

Seriously girl...I LOVE these! You make me laugh so hard sometimes...just how you say things is so hilarious! I was gonna do this also, but I don't think I can come up with 25 facts! :)