A Day Without My Comfort Zone... Sorta.

Today has been a pretty rockin day so far. I woke up this morning with quite a bit of energy. I ate my usual breakfast then put in my Billy Banks DVD and got my booty kicked. Hopefully it'll make it a little thinner too... Hey, I can dream. Half way through the DVD I got incredibly sick and had to choke back "come-up-ins" for about 5 minutes. But then I felt fine so I resumed the booty kickin. Next time I'm not going to start immediately after eating.

Then I sang in the shower and got ready for the day. Today was a goodbye lunch for a teacher at my school. I was hesitant to go because I'm shy in those types of situations, but Kristie said she was going so I decided it would be a good chance to get to know my co-workers better. I'm really glad I went because we had a lot of fun. And I actually tried something new at Applebees! I'm a steak and potatoes girl so that's what I always order, but I tried the shrimp salad, it's INCREDIBLE! So after lunch Kristie and I did a little shopping around the Gateway then we went home. It was so fun!

When I got home, Cory was off work and working on Collin's Jeep so I decided it was a good time to do some homework. I got through 2 chapters and then I fell asleep :). It's impossible to read with the white noise and the warmth of a space heater lulling you to sleep. Then Cory woke me up so we could go to the baptisms of 2 of our primary kids. It was really fun to watch them do something so special. The father of one of our girls asked Cory to stand in the circle. It choked me up because I cannot tell you how grateful that I married someone who is worthy of his priesthood and exercises it. He can help out whenever asked. I got so lucky with him. He's amazing. I love him.

After the baptisms we came home and decided to make homemade pizza. In the past, I have HATED homemade pizza but I was feeling adventurous and decided to give it a shot. We pulled out our pizza stone and loaded our pizza with our favorite toppings. And guess what happened? It turned out AMAZING!! It tasted so freaking good! I'd prefer it over Papa Murphy's any day. We're going to have to try it again. But we did run into a snag. We constructed the pizza on the counter while the pizza stone was warming in the oven...this is a bad idea. Transporting the pizza to the stone is extremely difficult. After trying several different methods we finally got it on the stone. We had fun making it and chowed down while watching The Simpsons. It's been a good day. I love Saturdays!


A shocking Resemblance

If you watched the Salt Lake City auditions for American Idol, hopefully you'll appreciate this. It's quite the resemblance. Just give Vigo some curly hair and red sunglasses and we're ready to go!


Quick Laugh

Our blog has been pretty boring lately because nothing exciting is going on. Our lives LITERALLY consist of work and homework. It sucks. However, something hilarious happened today. It was in my reading class and we just got done reading a story about Boo the ghost. It's basically a rip off of Casper but he doesn't come alive. Anyway we were talking about what they would do if they saw a ghost. One adorable boy stands up and exclaims, "If those ghost came for me I'd punch them in the femur because that's the most painfullest bone!" I don't know why but it cracked me up so bad it took me 10 minutes to stop laughing. I love my job.
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25 Random Facts

I was tagged on Facebook to do this "25 random facts about me" thing. I decided it would be fun to post it on here as well. Here we go.

1. I used to live in Kearns until we had gang members walking down the streets frequently and a girl slightly older than me was beat up in a school bathroom. Then we moved. I think the fact that we had 6 people in a 3 bedroom house may also have had something to do with it...

2. I've always been shy. I didn't actually talk to my uncles until I was 7 years old. They thought I was mentally retarded. Not kidding.

3. I've broken 3 bones, all of them twice. My ribs while playing ultimate Frisbee and church basketball (I was really into it), my tail bone roller blading and on a couch at a friends house, and my pinkie toe, at a church dance and running into the corner of the couch. I have bad luck with couches it seems.

4. In high school, I was given the opportunity to sing for the entire Mormon Tabernacle Choir, The First Presidency, and the whole Quorum of the Twelve. It was nerve racking.

5. I've taken dance lessons, gymnastics, violin for 3 weeks, and piano. I still play the piano.

6. I'm TERRIFIED of deep water. Once we went boating at Pineview and the boat almost flipped. I was so scared my first instinct was to jump out and swim to shore. We were in the middle of the lake... Despite the "come back!" screams of the group I was with, I kept going and wasn't killed by another boat. But the best part is, when almost to shore, I swam into an underwater tree who's mossy branches felt like clammy arms. I screamed bloody murder and kicked and thrashed and almost drowned. It's funny now... not so much then.

7. I was almost struck by lightening 2 summers ago while mowing a field at Oak Hills Elementary. It was so close I could feel an intense heat and the noise made my whole body hurt. It was horrifying.

8. I have double jointed thumbs. Lots of people do, but I like to gross people out none the less.

9. I've had hypothermia twice. Once in Moab when it snowed on us and another time at Pioneer Trek.

10. I got the wind knocked out of me when I was about 8. I was playing in the back of my uncles truck and fell out and couldn't breathe. My sister and my cousin walked outside after I fell and saw me laying under the truck. I couldn't yell anything to get them to help me so I just waved my arms. They waved back at me and kept on walking. I think they thought I was just being friendly.

11. I used to breed gerbils. Not intentionally, it just kind of happened that way.

12. In elementary I used to be afraid to play out in the field because there were lots of seagulls flying overhead and I didn't want to get pooped on.

13. I was rock climbing once and slipped and fell/slid a good distance. I landed on a 2 foot ledge just above a 150 ft drop. I left blood marks on the rock face as well.

14. I used to make stuff up about myself all the time when I was young. My favorite one was I would pretend I had asthma when we'd play tag so I wouldn't have to be it.

15. I attended Utah State University for 3 years without ever declaring a real major.

16. I initiated a 30 person snowball fight that lasted about 2 hours and ended with a boys apartment full of snow.

17. I am terrified of ET.

18. After swearing to everyone that my husband HAD to be somewhere in Logan, I finally moved home summer of 07 and a couple weeks later met Cory, my husband. We've never spent a day apart since.

19. I bought my first car in 2002 and I'm still paying it off.

20. Once while camping, my Dad and I went ahead of the rest of our family on the dirt bike to find a spot. We found one with 2 guys that were packing up to leave. My loving father left his about 7 year old daughter there alone with these men to "guard" the spot. While there they kept trying to coax me into their truck.

21. I would give anything to have a pet monkey.

22. growing up, being a teacher was the LAST thing I wanted to do, now it's the only thing I can see myself doing.

23. While on our honeymoon last summer in Vegas, we got our car stolen.

24. Like Wendy, I too love dark chocolate. I'm not a huge fan of milk chocolate.

25. Camping in Moab is the idea of a perfect vacation for me. If I ever make it to Hawaii, that might be a good choice as well, but until then, Moab is heaven.


The Auto Expo and Much Ado About Nothing

To help celebrate the long weekend, Cory and I decided to venture out to the Auto Expo. It was a good time for the most part. There were a few cars that were missing (i.e. my Camery, a Subaru WRX STI, and we failed to see any BMW's) and towards the end of the night my back, legs, and feet hurt so bad I started to cry. We were there for 5 hours. We met up with Collin and Elizabeth for the last part of the night. I felt bad because by that point I was a pretty big grump. But, enjoy these pictures. I'll update our week below them.

Who knew stow and go seating could be so comfortable?

Collin's face is priceless. This is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR. Pretty sweet.

A pretty cool JK. Too bad it wasn't a Rubicon.

Cory kickin it with some weirdos...

If I look pissed off in this picture, it's because I am. There were SO many people around they kept walking into the picture. Anyway, this FJ is pretty sweet.

They didn't have my "practical" dream car, so this will have to do as a 2nd place.


This picture is a little unrelated... it was supposed to go at the top but I can't get it to move, so here it is. After months of being married, I finally bought frames for some of our pictures and hung them up. They look awesome!

The Lincoln MXZ really seats 7, they just don't advertise that.

Cory looks angry because he was mad at me for being mad... haha

I finally can say I've sat in a Dodge Viper.

And Cory can too.

Okay, weekly update. It's been a crazy week for us. Cory is adjusting to school again and to how demanding this semester is going to be for him. He's also been having really bad lower back pain. We think it's because of our bed, but if anyone knows of any remedies, let us know. I've recommended yoga stretches but we'll take any suggestions. It's been hurting him so bad he's having trouble sleeping at night. I feel so bad for him and I wish I knew what I could do to help. But other than that, he's been doing well. He keeps us happy and smiling.

As for me, I've been spending most of my free time doing homework. I have TONS of reading every week for my classes. This week I had plenty of time however. I managed to pull my hamstring on Tuesday while using sidewalk chalk... I wish there was a "long story" to it, but the truth is, I'm just an idiot. Anyway, I've been barely able to walk all week much less spend time at the gym. So I've just come home every day and sat down and read or watched tv. But being physically useless has helped me realized something. I've been too hard on myself with wanting to shed a few more pounds. My problem is, I want them gone NOW. But doing what would be required to make that happen isn't healthy and I want to be healthy. These things take time. So, I'm going to be patient and slow things down a little bit. I've been feeling great from exercising and it's helped my self-esteem a lot so far - which I really need. So I'll just keep focusing on those positives and the weight will be gone in time. I've also been having a better attitude at work since Christmas Break ended. I'm having more fun with the kids and things are just... better. It's been good.

We were really blessed this week also to be able to go shopping and get a bunch of things we've been wanting for a while. Besides being busy, it's actually been a really good week with a lot of blessings. Life is going well for us and hopefully things keep getting better.



I haven't posted anything for a little while because nothing too exciting has happened. But I figured it's probably time for an update anyway.

Things are going really well. Cory and I are spending as much time together as possible before school starts on Monday and we never get to see each other. This semester is going to be really challenging. Cory is registered for 20 credit hours and my classes are online and require excessive amounts of reading, work, and volunteer time. But I know we'll make it through. Eventually we'll be done with school and wont ever have to worry about that again. I can't wait!! Anyway, we've been trying to have some fun together. Last night we went to the Home Remodeling Show at the South Towne Expo Center with my parents. It was a lot of fun. We spent a good 20 minutes talking to the guys at the Sleep Number bed station... We really want one when Cory graduates because he has so many back problems. And it was the only station where we could learn about a product while being completely comfortable. Those beds are amazing. We also went to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory where Cory and I both learned it's important to NOT try new things there and stick to the spaghetti. Anyway, that's about all we've been up to as a couple. Now I'll update you on us individually.

Cory has been enjoying an easy going week with not too much work and no school. He's been home all day (doing who knows what haha) while I'm at work. He's also been determined to perfect his bumper on his jeep so that everything will be aligned perfectly. Lately, all he's been talking about is rebuilding a rear axle for the Jeep. It's going to be a long way off before that becomes a reality, but working on his Jeep is something he loves so I'm all for letting him do it, as long as we can afford it. I know it means a lot to him.

This week was my first week back at work after Christmas break. It wasn't as bad as I expected but I loved staying at home all day and being lazy. Other than work, the only thing that's worth reporting for me is how I am doing on my New Years resolutions. I feel I've been doing pretty well. I'm more conscious of my personal traits that I need to improve which has helped me remember to work on them. So that's good. I could probably be more strict on the weight loss one though. The ONLY way to lose weight, is to burn more calories than you eat. I've been doing that, but only by a couple hundred or so. That could be improved. I've eaten better in the past, I need to get back into that groove. But I'm trying at least and as long as that keeps up, I know I'll want to keep improving.

So there you have it, our lives are kind of boring. If anything really exciting happens I'll be sure to let you know.


New Year's Day Fun and Some Resolutions

Yesterday was the annual Hagloch family festivities that they do every New Year's Day. We went ice skating at the Rec Center. We had a lot of fun. I took my camera this year to get pictures but it turns out, I'm not coordinated enough to ice skate AND take pictures. So, I'm bumbing a couple off Kaela :). But we had fun. I always admire how close his whole family is.

Then Cory and I went and ran some errands and then all the adults met up at Chinese Gourmet for dinner. Cory and I of course gorged ourselves. It's a buffet, you're supposed to eat till you're sick! :) We had a great time just kicking back with family. Then we headed back to our house where we hooked up Cory's cousin Philips' projector and played Wii. Once everyone started to get bored, we started creating hilarious Mii characters. We made a short, fat pedophile named Stan, and we also made Dwight and Michael from The Office. It's hysterical! I think Michael turned out the best.

Well, then Cory and I got tired and headed to bed while everyone else stayed upstairs and watched Eagle Eye. It was a really fun day.

On another note, it's a new year! That typically means people make resolutions that they wont keep and such. However, I really feel powered up lately to change a few things about myself. Our whole purpose here on earth is to learn and improve ourselves. I really admire that my sister has posted her goals online, so I am going to do the same. Some are kind of personal, so I wont post them for everyone to see. But I'm hoping with most of these being public, I can get the help and support from my friends and family to help me achieve these. I have 6 categories. Here we go...

-Read my scriptures and pray EVERY night. I'm pretty good at doing this already, but I want to stop having those nights where I am too tired and I skip it.
-Do the above mentioned with Cory every night.
-Attend the temple monthly. Again, we do pretty good but I want to make it consistent.
-Prepare primary lessons in advance instead of that morning or in sacrament.

-Be more supportive
-Try and be more consistent with having a date night every week.

-I have a weight I would like to achieve but I'm not going to be specific
-I want to feel confident in a swimsuit

-Don't gossip about those I don't particularly like.
-I can be pretty selfish so I'm going to work on that
-Try not to judge people so quickly and be accepting of everyone

-Get homework done early so I'm not always rushing it
-Continue to get good grades

-Have a better attitude
-Work hard
-Try not to take things so personally

So there you have it. It's going to be a lot of work, but I can do it and I hopefully will be a better, more confident person when I have accomplished these. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Oh, and GO UTES!!!