A Truly Wonderful Day

Today was one of the best days I've had in a long time. Cory and I woke up and had breakfast. Then I actually convinced him to go to the gym with me! I had a terrific workout and afterwords we played some racquet ball. We vowed that we need to be more active because we have so much fun. Then we set out to do our Christmas shopping. I do not recommend waiting until the Saturday before Christmas to go out. We went up to Layton, which was even more idiotic idea. I've never seen so many people in all my life. However, we were able to scores some awesome deals and check off just about everyone off our list. I can't wait for the family to open their gifts! While we were out and about, we also looked for stockings because we don't have any of our own yet. We went to Michaels and found stockings and things to decorate them with. So, we came home and decorated our stockings. I think they turned out pretty dang cute! And as much as I hate crafty stuff, we had a lot of fun making them together.

Then it was off to Fat Cats to bowl with family and friends. We had a lot of people from Cory's side of the fam and some of Dustin's friends (it was for his birthday). Cory's cousins are so much fun. I think everyone had a blast! It was such a fun day. It's been a while since Cory and I have been able to spend the whole day together. I finally have some pictures to post as well. I'm sorry some of them are crappy.

I found this Elmo key chain at Shopko for 50 cents. I LOVE Elmo so I bought it. It's now protecting my school keys.

Cory looks so cute in this picture! As does his stocking.

Both of ours on the fire place.

The only shot of me bowling.

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Lacie said...

I'm commenting because I CAN and i WILL!!!! :) You guys look like you have so much fun and I LOVE IT!!! :) I hope your Xmas rocked!