A Survey About Us...


Names: Cory and Megan
Nicknames: Babe
Ages: 24 and 25
Birthdays: Yes we like them
Birthplaces: Hospitals
Current Locations: Home
Eye Colors: We both have blue
Hair color: Cory's is strawberry blonde and Megan's is whatever comes out of the bottle.
Height: What would you know, we're both 5'7"! And we almost broke up because of it :)
Weight: Let's just say this, Megan weighs less than Cory
Lefties or Righties: Both right hooks
Zodiac Sign: depends on the magazine's horoscope
What You Both Drive: A sweet jeep and a pile of crap that miraculously is still alive and kick'n.


Color: Both blue, keeps things easy
Number: Megan's is 15 and Cory hates numbers
Band: uh...
Music Genre: Country
TV Show: The Office, The Simpsons, E.R., Family Guy, and Prison Break
Movie: The Brave Little Toaster
Kind of Movie: Comedy
Cartoon: Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends
Sport: Cory loves to watch football and Megan's is basketball
Fast Food Restaurant: Probably Wendy's
Ice Cream: Cory, vanilla - Megan, chocolate
Candy: Yes please
Drink: Cory loves cream soda while Megan rarely drinks anything but water
Past Time: camping

-----DO YOU-----

Have Any Siblings: we both have 2 brothers and a sister. weird huh?
Have Any Pets: sadly no, Megan is pushing for a puppy
Have a Job: Yeah, we both work
Have a Cell Phone: Who Doesn't?
Have Any Special Talents or Skills: Together we have the ability to annoy the crap out of others, and if we stood on each others shoulders we'd be taller than Yoa Ming, but just barely.
Have Any Fears: We both are terrified of doing the dishes, but Cory is particularly afraid of snakes while Megan hates spiders and ET.
Have a Bedtime: ... We're generally in bed by 10 like losers.
Sing in the Shower: We act out "Hello Dolly" in the shower together all the time.
Want to go to College: We both are currently going.. now whether we really want to or not depends on the day.
Get Along With Your Parents: Yeah we get along great with our own parents and each others parents. It's so nice!
Have any Piercings: Nope
Have any Tattoos: No but Megan begged Cory on their honeymoon to let her get a henna one to freak everyone out.
Swear: We try so damn hard not to

-----THIS OR THAT-----

Fruit or Veggies: both and lots of them!
Black or White: We both look better in white so we'll have to go with that one
Lights on or off: ...during what?? lol
TV or movie: Well we watch starz a lot so... whatever you want to call that works.
Car or Truck: JEEP
Cash or Check: either one is fine, we accept all forms of payment
French Toast or French Fries: We part ways here, Cory is a french toast lover while Megan is a sucker for a good fry, but it must pass the flop test. If it flops over upon wiggling, it's not okay to eat.
Strawberries or Blueberries: Strawberries. SOOOOO YUMMY!!!
Cookies or Muffins: probably cookies.. yeah. def, def, definitely cookies. Definitely.
Winter Break or Spring Break: Whichever gets us to Moab we love more
Hugs or Kisses: How about kisses WHILE hugging, much more fun

-----HAVE YOU EVER-----

Danced in a Public Place: At our reception we danced to 1 song...
Laughed so Hard You Cried: yes, today for Megan and probably Sunday for Cory when he was in the basement by himself watching Cops.
Talked to Someone You Don't Know: Oh never, we never engage in conversation with people we don't know, there's way better ways of making friends than that.... wait....
Drank Alcohol: NO we both STRONGLY oppose it
Done Drugs: see above
Gotten a Ticket: Indeed
Been in a Wreck: If you are referring to a car wreck, then yes, Megan has been in a pretty bad one before
Been out of the Country: yes, we've both been to Canada

Have you ever TP'd someone's house: YES!!
Ever Egged someone's house: no, we're not that cruel
How many languages do you speak: We both speak 1
Do you like being tickled: I'm pretty sure we both find it uncomfortable
What are your goals: To have and provide for a happy righteous family and return to live with our Heavenly Father again
Are you happy: Extremely. Life is grand!!


Wendy said...

Awesome answers! How long did it take you to think those up?

la fashionista said...

Um, the visual of you two acting out "Hello, Dolly!" in the shower about killed me. Miss your face, love.