It's over!!!

Today is a happy day. The semester is finally over!! Cory's ended last Friday, I should have posted one for him too. But we're both relieved and are going to enjoy our break till spring semester starts. Something really irritating yet funny happened during my human anatomy final. The professor is a weirdo, and doesn't speak English very well. One of the questions on the test was asking how many membranes a specific cell had and the answers were this:
A) single membrane
b) one membrane
C) A or B
Obviously I was confused which one to circle so I went and asked him if it mattered which one we circled since they are all the same answer. All he said was, "which letter? Circle a letter."
It was annoying. Hopefully he marks all of them as right because I don't know how he could justify marking one wrong. Anyway, despite that, we're done. I have a week and a half left till I'm off work for 2 weeks! And 2 weeks more till Tyler and Tory come and visit. We're so excited to spend time with them!!
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Wendy said...

I remember that feeling - no homework to worry about for a whole month!! Congratulations to both of you!! Love ya lots.

Tory said...

Hot dog! Christmas break!!!