Good News and Another Crazy Dream

I must be eating something weird because my mind is coming up with all sorts of crap while I sleep. The other night I had a dream that Cory and I and some other guys were up in Logan in the canyon. In this dream, we were all standing around when out of nowhere a HUGE cougar comes darting out of the bushes and starts to go after me. I take off, running with all my might and screaming bloody murder while all the guys just stand there. I saw a tiny hole in some really thick bushes and dove in. It cut up my face and stuff pretty bad. The cougar proceeds to rip the bushes apart trying to get at me. I'm curled up in a ball crying and screaming because I think I'm about to die. Then I woke up. I was literally in the fetal position and I couldn't move because my muscles were so tight and achey from all the fear and tension. It was one of the most terrifying dreams I have ever had. It sucked to say the least. It took about 10 minutes before I was relaxed enough to move and try to fall asleep again.

In lighter news, I got my grades back. I got a 3.5 this semester. I am pretty stoked!! Cory also got really good grades but I'm not sure what his GPA is yet. We just need to keep up the hard work and we'll be well on our way!

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Veronica said...

I know what you mean about crazy dreams! I seem to get them all the time, stress makes them worse...Great job on the grades, keep chugging along and before you know it you'll be done! Enjoy it will it lasts, because I look back and those certainly were simpler times.