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Last night I had a weird dream and in the middle of it, I sat straight up and said "If you're going to do that than you need to go to the back of the line!" I woke Cory up who mumbled "huh?" which pulled me out of my sleep enough to know I was dreaming and I could lay back down and everything would be fine. This morning I remembered I had sat up, And I knew I had a dream, but I couldn't remember details. Anyway, so I go to work this morning...
I was lining the kids up for afternoon recess and I started getting after them about using the bathroom during recess and not after. I told them we had LOTS of kids use the bathroom after recess yesterday. The line was quiet and finally one boy spoke up and said "no we didn't."..... Suddenly my dream came back to me. It was about kids not going to the bathroom and so many needed to go that I finally just took everyone down but they were really naughty the whole time. It had felt so real, I really thought we had bathroom problems yesterday. I apologized to them for being a crazy teacher. Haha I thought it was pretty funny.
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Christensens said...

That is SO funny!! I laughed out loud then read it to Josh. He was laughing too. SO funny!!