Christmas Bargains

The past 24 hours or so haven't been the best, up until about an hour ago. I woke up earlier than I had hoped this morning, so I figured I'd better get out and get my Christmas shopping done for Cory. Today must be my lucky day because I found some REALLY good deals that I am really excited about. Even ones I never would have guessed. Cory is going to have a good Christmas this year. I just need to make sure I am very careful with hiding the evidence. I don't want these surprises spoiled. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your excellent Christmas gift finds! Speaking of Christmas...Could you send me your mailing address? I'd love to send a Christmas card your way! My email is jennifer@brandags.com. Thanks Meg! Merry Christmas! We'll see you for the Christmas party on the 26th!