Prep For Parenthood

I decided today that first grade is really going to gear me up for parenthood. Today we had a special assembly where a pianist came and played for the kids. It was a really cool one. Anyway, my favorite inquisitive girl was acting up during the assembly. She and I have a great relationship so I asked her to come sit on my lap to help her be quiet. She ran over excited and hopped up. She was really good for the rest of the time. However, during one particularly intense piece, I suddenly feel a little rumble on my lap...
I whispered in this girls ear, "did you just toot?" A huge grin formed on her face and she whispered back "sorry!" and laughed. I couldn't help myself, I just busted up. I guess that's a new one to add to the list because thank heavens, it certainly isn't everyday a first grader farts on me.
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