More Funny Quotes

I heard some hilarious things at school today and I just wanted to share...

"We should hold on to our books for 200 minutes!"
"200 minutes?! That's like 1o years!"
"yeah it is! . . . no wait . . . it's like . . . 2 years . . . yeah. It's 2 years."

Teacher: "In Egypt you had to be married to be a pharaoh. At what age do you think a person would be ready to get married?"
Student: "Either 23, 19, or 16."

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Wendy A said...

You left out the funniest part! Before asking when people are usually ready to be married, she asked the kids if they would be ready to be married in 2 or 3 years, like the young King Tut. Half of them shouted, "Yes!"