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I guess it's time I updated everyone on what's going on with us right now. Let's start with Cory.

Cory is still going strong with school. We discovered the program at Weber is AT LEAST another 4 years and they wont accept any of his credits from SLCC. We've both put a lot of thought and prayer into it, and Weber isn't feeling like the right choice right now. Which is good news and bad news. The good news is, he'll be done with school after the summer 09 semester. The bad news is, he wont be a rocket scientist :). He can start to find a good job after that which hopefully means I wont have to work full time anymore - at least once we decide to start having kids. Cory is still working part time across the street. They've worked really well with his schedule and the convenience of it being right there has been awesome. He's still the amazing, caring, incredible man I met way back in May of 07. I'm so lucky to have him.

I am still working at the school. This year has been a little more challenging than last year but great strides are being made by myself and the wonderful kids I get to teach. I also am lucky once again to work with another talented teacher who I learn a lot of techniques from. I am taking classes part time at SLCC. I've been debating about whether or not to finish up there. I'm hoping that once Cory is finished and is making more money and has a job with benefits that I can quit my job and find something part time at night and finish school on a full time schedule. It'll take me till penguins learn to fly before I get my degree at this part-time rate. Anyway my plan in the beginning was to do the pre-teacher program at SLCC then transfer to the U and do their education program. After thinking about it more, Weber has a much better education program than the U and it's cheaper. So now my choice consists of WHEN to transfer there. I guess if I can go full time I might as well transfer next fall. So yeah, when I know, you'll know.

We get to see each other a little more these days which is nice. We did get some news last night that added a lot of stress to our lives but, it's not permanent and we'll make it through. It's just another trial and we'll be fine. We're excited to spend Thanksgiving with Cory's family (hopefully in Burley at the Stokers but that's still up in the air) and are looking forward to Christmas being right around the corner. This is a wonderful time of year. We were at Wal Mart the other day walking through the Christmas decorations and we got all excited because we get to buy stockings for ourselves and our own Christmas decorations. We're so excited to spend our first Christmas together as companions. So yeah, life is going well. We're happy and healthy.

(something funny I heard today at school that I HAD to share, even if no one else laughs but my mom....
A girl in my class for some reason didn't know what Thanksgiving was and kept thinking it was Valentines day that was coming up. After explaining to her a million times it wasn't Valentines Day, another girl said "It's Thanksgiving!! It's where you eat Turkey for dinner. Then you eat it again for breakfast, then for lunch, then dinner again, and all you eat is turkey." It made me laugh because she said it with some resentment in her voice. I can totally relate because I HATE reheated meat and everything Thanksgiving break I wouldn't even bother to ask my mom what we were having for meals because I knew it would be left over Turkey... ick. It's only good when it's fresh off the bone :))

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Christensens said...

Sounds like life is good. It totally sucks that they won't take Cory's credits! Do you know why?Are you okay with news? I mean, you just said that you have bad news that stressed you out. Are you okay? And that story with the little girl. That is so funny. I love kids!