It's amazing to me how fast things can change. You really never can be ready for anything. The slightest hiccup and your plan is lost. That's been happening to us a lot lately it seems like. We plan for bills, and we have problems on our paychecks that need to be fixed. We plan for activities, and work schedules instantly change. We plan for the future, and some other element is suddenly thrown in. We plan to be together, and suddenly Family Guy is on and we end up sitting next to each other for hours, but not together. We plan for friends and... well... yeah. Things change. We plan for birthday and Christmas presents, and money is suddenly tighter than it used to be. It's been crazy! It's totally part of life and I know I need to shut up. It's just been a little annoying. I guess we've been having it coming to us. My friend asked me the other day if I agreed with most people when they say that the first year of marriage is hard. I disagreed, because so far, it's been great for us! I wont go into how nice it's been or anything, but maybe we are finally hitting our "first year trials." At least we're not fighting and/or annoyed with each other. In fact it seems our relationship grows stronger by the day. Which is a huge blessing. It does make handling these problems a little easier. And I need to be less selfish and learn to sacrifice some things. It does suck to sacrifice friends, future preparation, and time together. Some of those things we may never get back. But I guess that's just the way life goes sometimes. I just wish it wasn't happening around the Holidays.

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