People are so weird. I used to think it would be fascinating to find out how the brain works and how thought processes...uh...process. But I realized today, that's impossible. Because there are plenty of people who clearly are not firing on all cylinders. They have their own playbook and that's all they can comprehend. Where do they come from?? How does that happen? Today I was driving on 47oo south going to school. There was a lady in front of me, and an old man in front of her. For no reason at all the old man slams on his brakes. I mean REALLY puts the pressure on. So she slams on her brakes and so do I. And what does she do? She turns around and starts flipping me off and yelling who knows what! Uh... sorry? Did I miss something there? How come being stuck behind a senile old man who can't drive is MY fault? Anyway, I get to class. My professor is super weird anyway, but there are about 10 of us there today. We had a test last time, so he takes out our tests and calls out our names to see who's there. Once he had a test of someone who was there, he would grade it, right there in front of everyone, then hand the test to us so we could see, then we had to give it back, then we could go home. First of all, I don't live close to campus. It takes me 20 minutes to get there. I drove 20 minutes to watch him grade tests? UGH!! Luckily mine was one of the first, so I got to leave. But I HATE driving all the way out there for 10 minutes of crap! Then, I go to Smith's to buy some cookie dough. I don't shop at Smith's so I didn't really know where to find the goods. I finally found it and started to walk over to it. Some brat who looked like she was 17 with 2 kids LITERALLY runs with her cart over to where I'm about to go and blocks my way while she compares every freaking tube of cookie dough. I just stood there and stared at her completely amazed. I mean she ran so hard her daughter fell over in the cart. I guess she got annoyed with me being in HER way because then she looked at me with the NASTIEST dirty look I've ever gotten, rolled her eyes, and kept on doing her thing. I was totally irritated at this point so I moved her cart, grabbed what I needed and walked away. It took me about 1.23 seconds to do that. But she HAD to be there first. Like I said, Some people really are special and I'm really really sick of running into them. Maybe as part of the Zoo upgrade we could put them all in a habitat and see what happens. I know I'd pay to see it!

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Unknown said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe people these days. I am sorry, it seems like you always run into the "crazies." Hope you have a good Thanksgiving! Lets hang out or go to the gym next week sometime!