And So It Goes...

I have a lot on my mind. First, the good news. I shaved 30 seconds off my mile time today. I'm pretty excited because that's a big deal to me. I think I freaked out the guy running behind me because I was "vocally" thrilled. Anyway, I was just proud of myself :)

I keep growing more and more fearful as the world gets more uncertain. The events of the past week regarding politics has really triggered a constant churning in my stomach. I wouldn't go so far as to say that having Obama as a president will end our world. But it certainly wont help. I don't agree with his policies. He's promised a "perfect" nation, cutting taxes, giving the working man a break, making college virtually free, and allowing everyone and anyone to have health care. I believe he's outdone himself on his promises and I get so frustrated that our nation is so blind to the realities of how things work. I certainly don't know everything, but where is all the funding going to come from for these policies? I don't trust him. But I guess only time will tell. I hope he'll quickly realize how much devastation it would cause to end the war in Iraq. All we as citizens see is what the media chooses to show us. Our nation is exercising so much good. And it will all be lost. Men and women will have died to help save a nation that he will force us to abandon. I'm strongly and morally opposed to his views and philosophies on abortion. He will help bring forth many signs of the times, that's for sure. Oh, and for the record, I haven't even noticed that he is black, so why has everyone else? Why the crap does it matter?? We are a free nation and we all stand equally. I wont get into too much detail about this because it makes me so mad, but I hate the fact that some people only voted for him because he is black. Yeah, it's a big step for human rights... blah, blah, blah. Whether he's black or not we've still elected a man who will more than likely cause our nation some hurt. And in the words of my good friend Matt, "he's just as white as he is black."

The other crisis going on right now is the mayhem regarding proposition 8. Being a member of the Mormon faith, this issue instantly brings out my claws. U.S. citizens - who are angry that they are being robbed of their rights to marry partners of the same sex - are protesting the Church being involved in the election. Now hold on, isn't that robbing us, and the Church of their rights? Each person has the right to vote. Each member of the church has a right to vote. Church leaders have a RIGHT to counsel their members to choose what they believe to be righteous choices. MEMBERS IN CALIFORNIA HAD EVERY RIGHT TO VOTE YES. I also highly doubt that it was entirely members that caused the proposition to pass. It's not only Mormons who think gay marriage is wrong. But the protests and the ridicule the church has received on this has terrified me. It's dividing us as a states, and as a nation. It's angry people putting the blame on someone else. It scares me because it's the beginning of what I'm sure will escalate to further problems, requiring the Church to stand on it's own. These really are times that will try our faith. I personally am a little torn on the issue of gay marriage. The idea disgusts me, however I do believe that we as citizens have rights, and homosexuals are "technically" being robbed of that. But it is stated that marriage is between one man and one woman. It's a difficult, but in any case regarding same sex marriage I will oppose it. Because it's MY RIGHT to feel that it is wrong, and I'm going to exercise that right.

I'm scared and feeling uneasy about the direction the world is turning. But I guess my choice is to get as involved as I can, then buckle up and wait for the ride to be over.

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Christensens said...

I have felt this way you describe alot. There is a really really good book that Josh and I are reading together. I think EVERYONE should read it. It's called Prophecy in modern times. It's a short book. It is so amazing and totally puts my mind at ease. Read it!