The Tree

Today was a pretty cool day. Cory and I are really excited to spend our first Christmas together as husband and wife. We put our tree up and decorated it together. We both grew up in families where decorating the tree was always a big deal, so doing it together was really special for both of us. And it turned out great. I took a picture but I know no one cares as much as we do so I wont bother putting it up. And for my birthday his mom gave me an ornament that says "our first Christmas 2008" on it. It's really cool. We love being married. It's awesome!!



At the close of this awesome day, I just wanted to reflect a little on a couple things. First off, I have so much to be thankful for. I have an amazing husband who I could go on and on about, but just know I love him deeply and I am eternally grateful for him. I'm grateful for my family, including in-laws and such. I'm grateful for incredible friends. I'm so happy and thankful for the gospel in our lives and the amazing blessings and happiness it brings. I can't imagine a life without it. I'm thankful for our education and smart heads on our shoulders. We're blessed to have a great place to live. I'm grateful to live in a free country where we are free to worship and express our opinions. We are so truly blessed. Each day is a gift and I'm so thankful to be alive.

Today was a wonderful day and we got to spend some great quality time with both our families. I'm so happy right now and I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving.
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People are so weird. I used to think it would be fascinating to find out how the brain works and how thought processes...uh...process. But I realized today, that's impossible. Because there are plenty of people who clearly are not firing on all cylinders. They have their own playbook and that's all they can comprehend. Where do they come from?? How does that happen? Today I was driving on 47oo south going to school. There was a lady in front of me, and an old man in front of her. For no reason at all the old man slams on his brakes. I mean REALLY puts the pressure on. So she slams on her brakes and so do I. And what does she do? She turns around and starts flipping me off and yelling who knows what! Uh... sorry? Did I miss something there? How come being stuck behind a senile old man who can't drive is MY fault? Anyway, I get to class. My professor is super weird anyway, but there are about 10 of us there today. We had a test last time, so he takes out our tests and calls out our names to see who's there. Once he had a test of someone who was there, he would grade it, right there in front of everyone, then hand the test to us so we could see, then we had to give it back, then we could go home. First of all, I don't live close to campus. It takes me 20 minutes to get there. I drove 20 minutes to watch him grade tests? UGH!! Luckily mine was one of the first, so I got to leave. But I HATE driving all the way out there for 10 minutes of crap! Then, I go to Smith's to buy some cookie dough. I don't shop at Smith's so I didn't really know where to find the goods. I finally found it and started to walk over to it. Some brat who looked like she was 17 with 2 kids LITERALLY runs with her cart over to where I'm about to go and blocks my way while she compares every freaking tube of cookie dough. I just stood there and stared at her completely amazed. I mean she ran so hard her daughter fell over in the cart. I guess she got annoyed with me being in HER way because then she looked at me with the NASTIEST dirty look I've ever gotten, rolled her eyes, and kept on doing her thing. I was totally irritated at this point so I moved her cart, grabbed what I needed and walked away. It took me about 1.23 seconds to do that. But she HAD to be there first. Like I said, Some people really are special and I'm really really sick of running into them. Maybe as part of the Zoo upgrade we could put them all in a habitat and see what happens. I know I'd pay to see it!


Prep For Parenthood

I decided today that first grade is really going to gear me up for parenthood. Today we had a special assembly where a pianist came and played for the kids. It was a really cool one. Anyway, my favorite inquisitive girl was acting up during the assembly. She and I have a great relationship so I asked her to come sit on my lap to help her be quiet. She ran over excited and hopped up. She was really good for the rest of the time. However, during one particularly intense piece, I suddenly feel a little rumble on my lap...
I whispered in this girls ear, "did you just toot?" A huge grin formed on her face and she whispered back "sorry!" and laughed. I couldn't help myself, I just busted up. I guess that's a new one to add to the list because thank heavens, it certainly isn't everyday a first grader farts on me.
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It's amazing to me how fast things can change. You really never can be ready for anything. The slightest hiccup and your plan is lost. That's been happening to us a lot lately it seems like. We plan for bills, and we have problems on our paychecks that need to be fixed. We plan for activities, and work schedules instantly change. We plan for the future, and some other element is suddenly thrown in. We plan to be together, and suddenly Family Guy is on and we end up sitting next to each other for hours, but not together. We plan for friends and... well... yeah. Things change. We plan for birthday and Christmas presents, and money is suddenly tighter than it used to be. It's been crazy! It's totally part of life and I know I need to shut up. It's just been a little annoying. I guess we've been having it coming to us. My friend asked me the other day if I agreed with most people when they say that the first year of marriage is hard. I disagreed, because so far, it's been great for us! I wont go into how nice it's been or anything, but maybe we are finally hitting our "first year trials." At least we're not fighting and/or annoyed with each other. In fact it seems our relationship grows stronger by the day. Which is a huge blessing. It does make handling these problems a little easier. And I need to be less selfish and learn to sacrifice some things. It does suck to sacrifice friends, future preparation, and time together. Some of those things we may never get back. But I guess that's just the way life goes sometimes. I just wish it wasn't happening around the Holidays.


The New Me!!

Well I did it. I decided I needed a change. I dyed my hair dark brown. I did it once my first year of college, but I did it from a box, so it was... not so good. This time I had my good friend Heather do it professionally. She did a wonderful job!! I LOVE it!! And Cory loves it too which was my biggest worry. These pictures are SO bad because my phone makes my face look weird but oh well. Here you go.



This is kind of a test to see how I do mobile blogging so bare with me. And it's an awesome picture
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And So It Goes...

I have a lot on my mind. First, the good news. I shaved 30 seconds off my mile time today. I'm pretty excited because that's a big deal to me. I think I freaked out the guy running behind me because I was "vocally" thrilled. Anyway, I was just proud of myself :)

I keep growing more and more fearful as the world gets more uncertain. The events of the past week regarding politics has really triggered a constant churning in my stomach. I wouldn't go so far as to say that having Obama as a president will end our world. But it certainly wont help. I don't agree with his policies. He's promised a "perfect" nation, cutting taxes, giving the working man a break, making college virtually free, and allowing everyone and anyone to have health care. I believe he's outdone himself on his promises and I get so frustrated that our nation is so blind to the realities of how things work. I certainly don't know everything, but where is all the funding going to come from for these policies? I don't trust him. But I guess only time will tell. I hope he'll quickly realize how much devastation it would cause to end the war in Iraq. All we as citizens see is what the media chooses to show us. Our nation is exercising so much good. And it will all be lost. Men and women will have died to help save a nation that he will force us to abandon. I'm strongly and morally opposed to his views and philosophies on abortion. He will help bring forth many signs of the times, that's for sure. Oh, and for the record, I haven't even noticed that he is black, so why has everyone else? Why the crap does it matter?? We are a free nation and we all stand equally. I wont get into too much detail about this because it makes me so mad, but I hate the fact that some people only voted for him because he is black. Yeah, it's a big step for human rights... blah, blah, blah. Whether he's black or not we've still elected a man who will more than likely cause our nation some hurt. And in the words of my good friend Matt, "he's just as white as he is black."

The other crisis going on right now is the mayhem regarding proposition 8. Being a member of the Mormon faith, this issue instantly brings out my claws. U.S. citizens - who are angry that they are being robbed of their rights to marry partners of the same sex - are protesting the Church being involved in the election. Now hold on, isn't that robbing us, and the Church of their rights? Each person has the right to vote. Each member of the church has a right to vote. Church leaders have a RIGHT to counsel their members to choose what they believe to be righteous choices. MEMBERS IN CALIFORNIA HAD EVERY RIGHT TO VOTE YES. I also highly doubt that it was entirely members that caused the proposition to pass. It's not only Mormons who think gay marriage is wrong. But the protests and the ridicule the church has received on this has terrified me. It's dividing us as a states, and as a nation. It's angry people putting the blame on someone else. It scares me because it's the beginning of what I'm sure will escalate to further problems, requiring the Church to stand on it's own. These really are times that will try our faith. I personally am a little torn on the issue of gay marriage. The idea disgusts me, however I do believe that we as citizens have rights, and homosexuals are "technically" being robbed of that. But it is stated that marriage is between one man and one woman. It's a difficult, but in any case regarding same sex marriage I will oppose it. Because it's MY RIGHT to feel that it is wrong, and I'm going to exercise that right.

I'm scared and feeling uneasy about the direction the world is turning. But I guess my choice is to get as involved as I can, then buckle up and wait for the ride to be over.


A Little Bit of Life

I guess it's time I updated everyone on what's going on with us right now. Let's start with Cory.

Cory is still going strong with school. We discovered the program at Weber is AT LEAST another 4 years and they wont accept any of his credits from SLCC. We've both put a lot of thought and prayer into it, and Weber isn't feeling like the right choice right now. Which is good news and bad news. The good news is, he'll be done with school after the summer 09 semester. The bad news is, he wont be a rocket scientist :). He can start to find a good job after that which hopefully means I wont have to work full time anymore - at least once we decide to start having kids. Cory is still working part time across the street. They've worked really well with his schedule and the convenience of it being right there has been awesome. He's still the amazing, caring, incredible man I met way back in May of 07. I'm so lucky to have him.

I am still working at the school. This year has been a little more challenging than last year but great strides are being made by myself and the wonderful kids I get to teach. I also am lucky once again to work with another talented teacher who I learn a lot of techniques from. I am taking classes part time at SLCC. I've been debating about whether or not to finish up there. I'm hoping that once Cory is finished and is making more money and has a job with benefits that I can quit my job and find something part time at night and finish school on a full time schedule. It'll take me till penguins learn to fly before I get my degree at this part-time rate. Anyway my plan in the beginning was to do the pre-teacher program at SLCC then transfer to the U and do their education program. After thinking about it more, Weber has a much better education program than the U and it's cheaper. So now my choice consists of WHEN to transfer there. I guess if I can go full time I might as well transfer next fall. So yeah, when I know, you'll know.

We get to see each other a little more these days which is nice. We did get some news last night that added a lot of stress to our lives but, it's not permanent and we'll make it through. It's just another trial and we'll be fine. We're excited to spend Thanksgiving with Cory's family (hopefully in Burley at the Stokers but that's still up in the air) and are looking forward to Christmas being right around the corner. This is a wonderful time of year. We were at Wal Mart the other day walking through the Christmas decorations and we got all excited because we get to buy stockings for ourselves and our own Christmas decorations. We're so excited to spend our first Christmas together as companions. So yeah, life is going well. We're happy and healthy.

(something funny I heard today at school that I HAD to share, even if no one else laughs but my mom....
A girl in my class for some reason didn't know what Thanksgiving was and kept thinking it was Valentines day that was coming up. After explaining to her a million times it wasn't Valentines Day, another girl said "It's Thanksgiving!! It's where you eat Turkey for dinner. Then you eat it again for breakfast, then for lunch, then dinner again, and all you eat is turkey." It made me laugh because she said it with some resentment in her voice. I can totally relate because I HATE reheated meat and everything Thanksgiving break I wouldn't even bother to ask my mom what we were having for meals because I knew it would be left over Turkey... ick. It's only good when it's fresh off the bone :))


More Funny Quotes

I heard some hilarious things at school today and I just wanted to share...

"We should hold on to our books for 200 minutes!"
"200 minutes?! That's like 1o years!"
"yeah it is! . . . no wait . . . it's like . . . 2 years . . . yeah. It's 2 years."

Teacher: "In Egypt you had to be married to be a pharaoh. At what age do you think a person would be ready to get married?"
Student: "Either 23, 19, or 16."