What about that....meeting later...? To discuss finances?... Okay, but don't expect any cookie.

I'm not sure what to title this entry because it's going to be very random and all over the place. But hey, if it wasn't that way it wouldn't be me :). Things are going pretty good here in the Hunter household. Cory has been building a new rear bumper and tire carrier for his jeep so the majority of his time has been spent on that. He's almost done, when he's got it painted I'll have to post a picture. My husband is such a handy genius! I love it. We're getting really excited for Moab. I know we both REALLY need a vacation. Keep praying that the weather is good next weekend. Preparing for Moab has kind of been a weird experience for me this time. That place is my Disneyland. I LOVE IT!! There are very few other places I'd rather vacation (that I've been to) than there. I love 4-wheeling on the jeep trails and climbing the red rocks. I love the warm weather and the stars. This trip, we are going with some family friends so we've been planning some of the major jeep trails that we are going to be taking - some of which I have already been on. But I've noticed a slight hiccup in the planning; I've become paranoid! The only thing I can think of is that I'm just being a retard like always and I'm scared to death of losing Cory. I've been on the trail "Hells Revenge" with my brothers before. I was their spotter. It was a little intense in some parts but the really dangerous obstacles have bypasses. But the thought of going on these hard trails has been really scaring me because I don't want anything bad to happen and I don't want people's lives on my hands. I know Cory is smart and I trust his driving and his judgment. I'm just being a weeny. Also, it's the first time I'll be spotting without Tyler there and I've always relied on him when I'm not sure of something. So I feel like I'll be driving blind. Anyway, I'm still really excited but a little more nervous than I've been in probably... I don't know, ever? Which isn't saying much because I haven't been nervous to go down there before. But it'll be a good trip. I still love it :).

Our family biggest loser competition is underway. I think everyone is at least trying a little. My dad has even been voluntarily drinking Coke zero!! Now if I could get him to go off pop altogether... better yet my whole family! haha anyway, we had our week 1 weigh in on Sunday. I was 3 lbs lighter than the first time, however the first weigh in we weighed after dinner, and this time we weighed before dinner - so I'm betting I'm about the same. Cory is currently in the lead which pisses me off because he hasn't been doing jack and he was 4 lbs lighter. But, come judgment day I will have hopefully lost enough weight that I can feel pretty good about myself whether I win or not. My goal is to feel confident in a swimsuit. Especially since I go swimming a lot.

Finally, I just want to add that I love fall!! It's such a wonderful season. And for some reason it always makes me want to cuddle. I love Halloween too so that's always a plus. I'll enjoy it while I can until the snow starts falling.

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