A Weekend of Firsts

So some small scale interesting/cool things happened this weekend that I would like to write about.

The other day I was at the track around 2:00. There are always old people walking around it at that time but this time I saw a very elderly couple - probably in their 80's - walking around the track. The wife was on oxygen and the husband was carrying her oxygen tank for her and they were walking hand in hand. They would stop every lap or so and time something, not sure what, and he would stand there and hold her. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I actually teared up. I hope Cory and I are still that sweet to each other 60 years from now.

Saturday I ran my first 5k. The only thing I was racing was the clock, but I decided to just go for it and see how well I would do. I did better than I expected, but I've got more work to do if I want to do well in some races in the spring. I realize 5 kilometers isn't very much, but I am NOT a long distance runner so it's been an adjustment for me.
We also went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse with Cory's parents. It was a lot of fun and the food was WONDERFUL! It was my first time. Just a heads up though, if you order the Outback Special, the steaks are really thick so don't order anything less than medium. Cory ordered his medium rare and it was raw in the middle. yuck!
Saturday I also got to play a Wii for my first time. Apparently I'm a natural at the bowling and I suck just as bad at virtual tennis as I do at regular tennis. And I still hate golf :).

Today was pretty cool too. Well sort of. Last night I started feeling sick and today sure enough I woke up with a full blown cold. I was too sick to care about preparing our primary lesson and Cory didn't have time, so we showed them the movie Finding Faith in Christ. I've always really enjoyed that movie. Anyway, at the end, I noticed one of our girls was crying. It really touched me that a 9 year old was feeling the spirit that strongly. I'm glad we were still able to teach a valuable lesson even though we weren't as prepared as normal.
I'm currently tied in the lead with Lisa in our family Biggest Loser Contest. 5 lbs down baby!!
Also, my family watches a movie together every Sunday. Thanks to an awesome friend, we were able to watch The Dark Knight from the comfort of our own home tonight. We didn't tell Collin what movie it was. It took him till he saw the Warner Brothers symbol (about 2 seconds) before he realized what movie it was. I think that was his 3,632,578 time seeing it I believe?

Aside from being sick it's been a pretty good weekend. I'm feeling good about things and we are just really really happy. Oh, and we leave for Moab in 3 days!!

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Tory said...

I am glad that everything is going so well. We will see you guys at Christmas, I guess! It'll come faster than we think.