It's been a rough couple of days for me so here are some funny things I hear first graders say to help us smile:

boy: was she happy?
girl: no
boy: was she sad?
girl: no, she was just. . . normal

Mrs. Hunter guess what? We did a 100 facts paper in math today. I was sweaty.

Mom, what's that say? ( I get called mom a lot actually)

I know ALL the grown up costumes for Halloween.

This car is fast! It's faster than a sports car, but slower than a micro machine.

6.My mom wont let me have sugar because she says it makes me wild and if I'm wild I have to sit on my bed.

boy: How strong are you? Do you think you could lift 60 lbs?
Me: (sarcastically) oh yeah I could lift anything in the world!
girl listening in: Yeah! She's got thunder and lightning!!

(as I am vacuuming the room): Mrs. Hunter? How come you're vacuuming?
me: because our parents are coming for parents teacher conferences and I don't want them to think we have a messy room.
girl: But we do. And my mom already knows I'm messy she always makes me clean my room.


Tory said...

How funny! Kids are so cute, especially when they aren't yours!

la fashionista said...

I picture #2 being said by a very Ralph Wiggum-esque child, especially the "I was sweaty" part. Teehee. :)

Christensens said...

Oh my gosh I love kids! They say the greatest things.

KG said...

Hilarious. Thanks for sharing. "Hello, Tiny One. You are the future!"