The Kelty Greenriver 4

I understand no one really cares about this except for me and Cory, but we're really excited so here it is!! We finally got our new tent!! We went last week to buy it at REI and they informed us it would be going on sale this weekend for $80 off the price. So of course we waited. We were so excited when we got it that we decided to set it up in the living room to see how nice it was. This sucker is HUGE!! It says it's a 4 man tent but it could easily sleep 6 comfortably. Which means we wont need a bigger one when we have kids. Anyway, I'll walk you through the pictures. Just humor me :)

The rain cover extends out creating a "front porch" (<--- that's what the company calls it, not me) which is pretty awesome. As you can see it's way roomy and keeps out bugs. The mesh windows close up in case of rain as well. This tent took up our entire living room.

Here's a better view of the front porch.

That's our queen size air mattress and it's not even pushed all the way against that wall. Also, the tent obviously isn't staked down since it's in our living room so it will have even more room.

We can comfortably stand up in it. Cory made me demonstrate.

So we're really excited and we get to put it to the test in a week and a half in Moab!! It'll be well worth the money.

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