Field Trip

Hello friends. First off, I want to apologize about my last post. I was feeling really frustrated and having a bad day and I just needed to get my feelings out. I hope no one thinks I hate my job. I love it. I just get down about it sometimes. But from now on, I'll keep that to myself.

Today was totally awesome. We had another field trip. We went to Thanksgiving Point and got to see/pet all the animals. Then we went to Cabela's. Field trips always exhaust me but they are so worth it. I really look forward to it because I can get to spend more time with the kids and develop better relationships with them. We also get to play around more without having to worry about always being quiet. So that made today a pretty good day so far. Then, at Cabela's, I ran into an old friend from college who I haven't seen since our first year up there. It was really good to see him again. It was pretty funny because when we recognized each other, he was like "give me a hug!" and a girl I had with me who asks questions about EVERYTHING was like:
"Do you know him?"
"Does he know you?"
" Do you love him?"
It was pretty funny.

Anyway, I'm glad today was a good day because I really have been stressed out and pretty cranky. I'm getting discouraged over a lot of things and I need to stop letting that eat at me. If only I was perfect....


Wendy said...

WHAT?!?! You mean you're not perfect? I never knew . . .

Megan and Cory said...

I know, it's been a lifelong battle so far but I've discovered most of the problem is genetics ;)