I Wanna Pet the Kitty!

Well, tomorrow is Halloween - and there is no school. I was little bumbed because I love seeing the kids in their costumes. But the first grade decided that today we would have a "character dress up day" where they can dress up as a character in their curriculum. On the list was Puss in Boots. My original costume came with pink fuzzy boots, which I am crazy about by the way, so I decided to do my own "pink" version of puss in boots. However, I forgot to buy a hat and a cape so I just ended up being a cat. I found an awesome addition to the ensemble at a ghetto costume shop in Taylorsville, which gave me a furry head and hands. Now, only the first grade was dressing up, so it was kind of a shock to the rest of the school to see a pink fuzzy "cotton-candy" like cat walking down the hall. I got a lot of laughs and high-fives and "you like AWEEESSSOOMME!" yells. I am now formally known as Mrs. Pussy Cat. But I think my favorite thing was when I'd see the kindergarten. When they saw me, they would whisper and point "look at the kitty!" with a really excited voice. At the end of the day I heard one of the kindergartners ask her teacher where the kitty was... then she saw me and got all excited. It was hilarious. I generally get pretty embarrassed over stuff like this, but after a while I just told myself I needed to have fun with it. I'm glad I did. I decided to wear it to our Fall Festival/ Carnival tonight because I've set a standard for myself now and my other costume sucks haha. Anyway, it was pretty funny and I wanted to show you what all the fuss was about. Although I think most of the hype was over the fact that we got to dress up and none of the other grade did. Gotta love first grade :)

Oh yes, I had a tail! I can't count the number of times it was pulled...


More Moab Pictures

Okay, I finally got around to posting more Moab pictures. If you're interested, go to www.picasaweb.com/meganljam
Beware, there's a lot.
Also Tory, show Tyler :) He asked if I took pictures of my first time, so I'm assuming he wants to see them. Love you guys!


Field Trip

Hello friends. First off, I want to apologize about my last post. I was feeling really frustrated and having a bad day and I just needed to get my feelings out. I hope no one thinks I hate my job. I love it. I just get down about it sometimes. But from now on, I'll keep that to myself.

Today was totally awesome. We had another field trip. We went to Thanksgiving Point and got to see/pet all the animals. Then we went to Cabela's. Field trips always exhaust me but they are so worth it. I really look forward to it because I can get to spend more time with the kids and develop better relationships with them. We also get to play around more without having to worry about always being quiet. So that made today a pretty good day so far. Then, at Cabela's, I ran into an old friend from college who I haven't seen since our first year up there. It was really good to see him again. It was pretty funny because when we recognized each other, he was like "give me a hug!" and a girl I had with me who asks questions about EVERYTHING was like:
"Do you know him?"
"Does he know you?"
" Do you love him?"
It was pretty funny.

Anyway, I'm glad today was a good day because I really have been stressed out and pretty cranky. I'm getting discouraged over a lot of things and I need to stop letting that eat at me. If only I was perfect....


Moab 08!!!!

Well, we're back from Moab. And WHAT A VACATION!!! It was so awesome. The weather was perfect, about 65 degrees the whole time. We had a campsite all to ourselves so we didn't have an noisy neighbors or generators to listen to. Cory and I arrived down there at about 6 pm on Wednesday. I was still feeling pretty sick so we cooked Spaghettios over an open fire, waited for the Schears and my family to arrive then headed straight for bed. Thursday morning we woke up and did a few 4x4 trails. First was Fins and Things. Mandie's boyfriend Chase came with us in his 4-runner and he was a newbie so we had to break him in. He did really well. Cory even let me drive some of the really cool parts. Then we went and did some of Porcupine Rim, but we didn't get too far because the sun was starting to set. We did however get to an awesome overlook just in time for the sun to start setting and light up the red rocks. It was awesome!! Friday I FINALLY started feeling better so it made the day even better. We drove down to Canyonlands and did Elephant Hill. We've been on this trail tons of times but the Schears hadn't. Once you get back behind the actual hill, there is a gorgeous spot called Devils Kitchen that has some really fun rock climbing and mini slot canyons. Cory let me drive on the way back out of the trail. It was loads of fun. I'm usually spotting so driving was...awesome. Saturday, the Schears had to leave so we decided to try a harder trail since Cory's and Collin's Jeeps are more equipped. We went and did Poison Spider Mesa. We did this one last year but didn't get to finish it. I highly recommend this trail. The trail takes you to an arch and a little farther takes you to a breathtaking view of all of Moab. At the arch, we stopped and had lunch. Cory and I were sitting on some rocks when I spotting something coming at me out of the corner of my eye - it was a poison spider!!! I actually don't know if it was really poisonous, but if you're familiar with the area and with the brand Poison Spider, their logo has a spider that looked EXACTLY like the one coming at me. So who knows... After spending some time on this trail we started to head back. At about 3/4 of the way down the trail, a group caught up with us at an obstacle called the Waterfall. We stopped and watched them because the first jeep down the waterfall came VERY close to rolling, so we decided we wanted in on the action. Well, they all made it down safely. We kept going with them at our rear. Towards the end, we noticed the group had stopped at a particularly hard ledge. The first Jeep in their line looked broken down. Sure enough, the kid driving had popped out a spring. They didn't have a high lift so we went back to help them. Anyway, it turns out these people were from Syracuse and they came down to Moab with a family that Cory knows pretty well - he was on the dive team with them in High School. It's such a small world sometimes. After that trail we went shopping in town then ate dinner. Sunday we came home. It was a fantastic trip, one I know I really needed. Sorry for the picture overload, I actually have about a million more, but I'll post them on picasaweb tomorrow for those that want to see more. I'm too tired tonight. It was so much fun. Enjoy the pics!

Us on the trail

Us standing in "the Wedgie" on Poison Spider Mesa

looking at the view of Moab
HAHAHAHA This was our porta potty at our campsite. I LOVE the name!

This is the rear bumper Cory built. Looks awesome huh? Oh and he did the tire carrier too.

Just us

So the morning after Collin and my family arrived, we noticed something on Collin's Jeep. He had been working on his Jeep moments before they left and had left this tape dispenser on the roof. It made it the whole way to moab.

Us happy campers. Dwane is taking the picture.
yeah, that's me :)

me again

and me again...

still me... I had so much fun!!

Dwane took this one, I thought it was cool.
Cory on Fins and Things
Sexy flex!!
Me and my daddy
Mandie and Chase. Their faces make me laugh!
The convoy
This is when we pulled into Moab Wednesday night. We were so excited!!
Okay, so this picture is aweful! But notice the bump on my head. I wasn't being very vigilant while rock climbing and I smacked it on a cliff ledge. Ouch.
Collin on Baby Lions Back
Collin on Poison Spider Mesa.


A Weekend of Firsts

So some small scale interesting/cool things happened this weekend that I would like to write about.

The other day I was at the track around 2:00. There are always old people walking around it at that time but this time I saw a very elderly couple - probably in their 80's - walking around the track. The wife was on oxygen and the husband was carrying her oxygen tank for her and they were walking hand in hand. They would stop every lap or so and time something, not sure what, and he would stand there and hold her. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I actually teared up. I hope Cory and I are still that sweet to each other 60 years from now.

Saturday I ran my first 5k. The only thing I was racing was the clock, but I decided to just go for it and see how well I would do. I did better than I expected, but I've got more work to do if I want to do well in some races in the spring. I realize 5 kilometers isn't very much, but I am NOT a long distance runner so it's been an adjustment for me.
We also went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse with Cory's parents. It was a lot of fun and the food was WONDERFUL! It was my first time. Just a heads up though, if you order the Outback Special, the steaks are really thick so don't order anything less than medium. Cory ordered his medium rare and it was raw in the middle. yuck!
Saturday I also got to play a Wii for my first time. Apparently I'm a natural at the bowling and I suck just as bad at virtual tennis as I do at regular tennis. And I still hate golf :).

Today was pretty cool too. Well sort of. Last night I started feeling sick and today sure enough I woke up with a full blown cold. I was too sick to care about preparing our primary lesson and Cory didn't have time, so we showed them the movie Finding Faith in Christ. I've always really enjoyed that movie. Anyway, at the end, I noticed one of our girls was crying. It really touched me that a 9 year old was feeling the spirit that strongly. I'm glad we were still able to teach a valuable lesson even though we weren't as prepared as normal.
I'm currently tied in the lead with Lisa in our family Biggest Loser Contest. 5 lbs down baby!!
Also, my family watches a movie together every Sunday. Thanks to an awesome friend, we were able to watch The Dark Knight from the comfort of our own home tonight. We didn't tell Collin what movie it was. It took him till he saw the Warner Brothers symbol (about 2 seconds) before he realized what movie it was. I think that was his 3,632,578 time seeing it I believe?

Aside from being sick it's been a pretty good weekend. I'm feeling good about things and we are just really really happy. Oh, and we leave for Moab in 3 days!!



It's been a rough couple of days for me so here are some funny things I hear first graders say to help us smile:

boy: was she happy?
girl: no
boy: was she sad?
girl: no, she was just. . . normal

Mrs. Hunter guess what? We did a 100 facts paper in math today. I was sweaty.

Mom, what's that say? ( I get called mom a lot actually)

I know ALL the grown up costumes for Halloween.

This car is fast! It's faster than a sports car, but slower than a micro machine.

6.My mom wont let me have sugar because she says it makes me wild and if I'm wild I have to sit on my bed.

boy: How strong are you? Do you think you could lift 60 lbs?
Me: (sarcastically) oh yeah I could lift anything in the world!
girl listening in: Yeah! She's got thunder and lightning!!

(as I am vacuuming the room): Mrs. Hunter? How come you're vacuuming?
me: because our parents are coming for parents teacher conferences and I don't want them to think we have a messy room.
girl: But we do. And my mom already knows I'm messy she always makes me clean my room.


What about that....meeting later...? To discuss finances?... Okay, but don't expect any cookie.

I'm not sure what to title this entry because it's going to be very random and all over the place. But hey, if it wasn't that way it wouldn't be me :). Things are going pretty good here in the Hunter household. Cory has been building a new rear bumper and tire carrier for his jeep so the majority of his time has been spent on that. He's almost done, when he's got it painted I'll have to post a picture. My husband is such a handy genius! I love it. We're getting really excited for Moab. I know we both REALLY need a vacation. Keep praying that the weather is good next weekend. Preparing for Moab has kind of been a weird experience for me this time. That place is my Disneyland. I LOVE IT!! There are very few other places I'd rather vacation (that I've been to) than there. I love 4-wheeling on the jeep trails and climbing the red rocks. I love the warm weather and the stars. This trip, we are going with some family friends so we've been planning some of the major jeep trails that we are going to be taking - some of which I have already been on. But I've noticed a slight hiccup in the planning; I've become paranoid! The only thing I can think of is that I'm just being a retard like always and I'm scared to death of losing Cory. I've been on the trail "Hells Revenge" with my brothers before. I was their spotter. It was a little intense in some parts but the really dangerous obstacles have bypasses. But the thought of going on these hard trails has been really scaring me because I don't want anything bad to happen and I don't want people's lives on my hands. I know Cory is smart and I trust his driving and his judgment. I'm just being a weeny. Also, it's the first time I'll be spotting without Tyler there and I've always relied on him when I'm not sure of something. So I feel like I'll be driving blind. Anyway, I'm still really excited but a little more nervous than I've been in probably... I don't know, ever? Which isn't saying much because I haven't been nervous to go down there before. But it'll be a good trip. I still love it :).

Our family biggest loser competition is underway. I think everyone is at least trying a little. My dad has even been voluntarily drinking Coke zero!! Now if I could get him to go off pop altogether... better yet my whole family! haha anyway, we had our week 1 weigh in on Sunday. I was 3 lbs lighter than the first time, however the first weigh in we weighed after dinner, and this time we weighed before dinner - so I'm betting I'm about the same. Cory is currently in the lead which pisses me off because he hasn't been doing jack and he was 4 lbs lighter. But, come judgment day I will have hopefully lost enough weight that I can feel pretty good about myself whether I win or not. My goal is to feel confident in a swimsuit. Especially since I go swimming a lot.

Finally, I just want to add that I love fall!! It's such a wonderful season. And for some reason it always makes me want to cuddle. I love Halloween too so that's always a plus. I'll enjoy it while I can until the snow starts falling.


The Kelty Greenriver 4

I understand no one really cares about this except for me and Cory, but we're really excited so here it is!! We finally got our new tent!! We went last week to buy it at REI and they informed us it would be going on sale this weekend for $80 off the price. So of course we waited. We were so excited when we got it that we decided to set it up in the living room to see how nice it was. This sucker is HUGE!! It says it's a 4 man tent but it could easily sleep 6 comfortably. Which means we wont need a bigger one when we have kids. Anyway, I'll walk you through the pictures. Just humor me :)

The rain cover extends out creating a "front porch" (<--- that's what the company calls it, not me) which is pretty awesome. As you can see it's way roomy and keeps out bugs. The mesh windows close up in case of rain as well. This tent took up our entire living room.

Here's a better view of the front porch.

That's our queen size air mattress and it's not even pushed all the way against that wall. Also, the tent obviously isn't staked down since it's in our living room so it will have even more room.

We can comfortably stand up in it. Cory made me demonstrate.

So we're really excited and we get to put it to the test in a week and a half in Moab!! It'll be well worth the money.