Way To Go!!

Alright, I get to have a bragging moment. Today Cory was being honored at a lunch program at SLCC for making the presidents list last semester for academics. The requirements for said list are 1) you mush have at least 15 credit hours 2) you must get a GPA of 3.8 or higher. He earned a 3.97! I am so proud of him! I’m grateful that I’m married to someone who understands the importance of education and working hard to get ahead. We sat across from a man at the program who was the president of one of the programs there who gave us some really good advice. We told him we were both in school and working and doing our best to live life. He said this: If you’re willing to work and live for ten years like nobody wants, you’ll be able to live and play for the rest of your life like very few can. I’m pretty sure I botched it, he said it much better. But the principle stays the same. We’re trying not to worry about things we want right now. I think Cory and I are both willing to sacrifice the luxuries now in order to take care of the things that are really important and to be successful later. Education is the key to that goal. He and I recently had a talk about our schooling. When he’s done with the welding program at SLCC, he’s been talking about transferring to Weber and enrolling in their manufacturing engineering program up there. At first I didn’t want him to do it because that is 3 more years of school. I don’t want to wait 3 years to start a family and working full time while being a mom was not something I wanted to do. Plus, if I can’t find online education classes, it puts a halt to my education as well. However, we thought about it more, and we’d be stupid if we let him pass up this opportunity. The benefits that will come when he is done far out weigh the sacrifices we’ll have to make for a few years. It’s well worth it. His pay will be better, so will job security and opportunities to advance as well as creating his own company. I can’t say that I will be happily smiling the whole time we are experiencing his process. I can’t promise there wont be any complaining – you guys know me. But I do feel and know it’s the best decision for us. I just felt very thankful today for the man I married and the habits we’re learning now to help us be more successful.

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