Lake Cleveland

Our Labor Day weekend was pretty fun. We headed up to Idaho for the annual "Hagloch Family Camping Trip" at Lake Cleveland. I'd never been there before. It's absolutely gorgeous. The weather was pretty nice the first 2 days, although the wind blew constantly. I decided to get a 3 day fishing license with Cory and see how I would do fishing for my first time. Earlier that morning members of the family had caught about 15 fish, which we promptly ate. It was SOOOO good! Anyway, I decided the fishing was pretty good so I gave it a try. We were sitting in the raft talking about how we probably wouldn't catch anything while I was reeling my line in. When it was almost to the boat, I felt it tugging and I noticed I had caught my first fish!!! It wasn't very big, but it was big enough to keep. I was so excited! Cory later caught one, then I caught another larger one that was at least 12" long. It was a lot of fun. Well then the Labor Day storm hit Sunday afternoon and it got COLD! Monday morning was probably 30 degrees when we woke up, with a wind chill of who knows what. We packed up to leave pretty quick lol. Anyway, it was a lot of fun! I got to know some of Cory's family better and develop closer relationships with them. It meant a lot to me and I look forward to more of it. His family is pretty cool. In fact the whole weekend I felt so blessed to be part of a new family that accepts me and is so easy-going and nice. I really am lucky.
Anyway, the wind up there actually took a pretty good toll on our tent so we decided we needed to get a new one - a nice one since we go camping a lot. So Monday when we got back we went out to pick out a new tent. It'll be a couple weeks before we can buy it, but we found one that looks pretty cool so we're really excited! Thank you REI! I'm excited. Then we went to McGraths for dinner and went shopping at the Gateway. It was a great Labor Day even with the cold. Here are a couple fishing pictures so enjoy.

Me fishing...

A picture of my first fish :)

...and I let Cory do the dirty work :) His hand really isn't that huge...

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