I've been tagged

3 favorite foods:
*Chocolate Ice Cream

3 most hated foods:
*French Toast
*Tuna Fish

3 things I love:
*my family (that includes my new one :))
*Buying athletic shoes

3 things I hate:
*When someone hurts those I love
*Most drivers on the road
*Talking on the phone

3 worst fears:
*losing someone I love
*Deep Water

3 favorite smells:
*My new deoderant
*fresh cut grass
*Cory :) On most days anyway

3 hobbies:
*Spending time at the rec center
*... that's all I have time for in the day lol

3 talents:
*listening to people
*I can draw really good stick figures

3 bad habits:
*being lazy
*giving my opinion too much I guess... I don't know

3 best friends:
*my mom
**top secret*

3 broken bones:
*pinky toe (twice)
*tail bone (twice)
*ribs (twice)

3 people to tag:

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Jennifer said...

Hi Megan! This would be your cousin. Did I mention yet that I love your blog?! It's so fun to read, and I love all your pictures! What a great way to keep in touch and get to know you better at the same time! :)