Cory and I decided our bedroom needed to get done asap. We had our bed in the office, but our clothes were scattered throughout the 3 bedrooms. So, enough was enough and Saturday we set to work to finish our room. And we did it!! It's so nice! I love waking up and having my clothes right next to me. Anyway, here are the pictures. It looks so nice! I'll update our lives down below the photo's.

We didn't have closet doors which really bothered me that anyone who went in there could see everything, so I found a sweet deal on some curtains and decided to hang those up instead. They need to be hemmed a bit, and ironed, but I can do that later.
This picture make the frames on the wall look tiny! Maybe I should get some new ones...
We're really excited and it's nice to have a bedroom. Next up, the kitchen. But who knows when that will happen.
So our lives have been so hectic! Cory and I both get up around 6:30. We get ready, say goodbye to each other then head off. I go to work till 3:30-4:15, depending on the day. He's off at school till about 3:00. On Tuesday's and Thursday's I leave straight from teaching school, to GO to school. I'm taking classes at SLCC this semester. Almost every day, Cory gets home from school just in time to head off to work till at least 8:00 pm. On the days I don't have class, I usually do homework or clean the house - if there's time. Cory gets home from work, we watch the news and head to bed. That is pretty much our daily routine. It kinda sucks because we never get to see each other and we're both really busy. I have a laundry list of "to do" things that I fear will never get done. First off, the kitchen. Second, our Thank You cards from the wedding. No, we still haven't gotten those done. I'm the only one writing them and that takes a LONG time. So if you're wondering where yours is, I promise it's coming sometime. Also, my mom printed out our wedding photos and those need to be cut out and put in an album... *sigh* such is life. But other than that, we're both doing okay. We're heading to Moab in October with my family and we're both so excited for it! We could really use a break, and we both love it down there. I'll be sure and take lots of pictures. Anyway, so that's our life so far. If anything exciting happens I'll let ya know.


Tory said...

That looks so good! It makes me want to start changing things around in our house.

Megan and Cory said...

I hope you just mean re-arranging furniture because your house is a palace!

Christensens said...

You sure sound busy! Your place looks wonderful!