A Day Worth Mentioning

Several things happened today that I would like to write about. I guess it's probably best to go in the order of events.
Last year I had a girl in my math class who's dad was serving in the military and had been gone in Iraq for at least a year. She is in 4th grade this year, and is also in my carpool area so I talk to her a lot. I've been asking her for the past couple weeks when her dad gets to come home. She told me he was going to come home tomorrow (Friday) night. So this morning, I saw her and excitedly reminded her that tomorrow was the big day! She looked thrilled! Fast forward a couple hours... I was taking some of the first graders down to the bathroom during lunch. We passed the 4th grade classes and I saw a man standing outside this girls classroom door. I didn't think anything of it. I continued leading my train of hobbit followers to the toilets and rushed them inside to do their business. As I was waiting, around the corner comes the girl clinging suffocatingly to the man that was standing outside her classroom door - it was her dad. She had no idea he was coming. After well over a year of not seeing each other, it was an awesome reunion. I wish I could have been there to see the look on her face when he walked into the room. They both looked so happy and so touched. And I, being the baby that I am, started to cry. It was an amazing homecoming and I'm so glad she finally has her dad home.
Story number 2. There is a girl in our homeroom class who is just so loving and so inquisitive. She can ask 20 questions in a single breath and loves to know the answers to everything. She is adorable and she reminds anyone who has contact with her how much she loves them on a daily basis. Well, in the past week, she's injured herself at recess badly enough that she's been bleeding and bruised 3 times now. She always comes running to me bawling and I can tell it's totally legit. Anyway, today was another incident only she hurt her shin pretty bad this time. I took her down to the office and started our ritual of cleaning the wound and applying a band aid while she asks me questions about everything I'm doing. I actually really enjoy it because I know how much she loves to ask questions. Once back at class I had her sit at my desk while she held the ice on the goose egg her shin was developing. She noticed a Staff Leave Request paper on my desk (I'll be leaving early next Thursday) and she asked what it was. I told her I would be gone and instantly that sparked more questions. "Where are you going? Will you come back? Is it today you're leaving? Who will line us up? Who will be outside at recess? Who will teach us?"
I was frantically trying to answer all her questions when she suddenly got a look of deep concern on her face. Then she turns to me and asks, "What if I get hurt again? Who will take care of me?" My heart melted. She is so dang cute!! I'm glad she feels like she can trust me. Man, some days I really love my job! :)
Okay cool thing number 3. I love to buy shoes. I don't know why, but I do. Especially athletic shoes. I was at Ross today to kill a little time before my test and I was walking through the shoe section. I noticed the CUTEST pair of Doc Marten's on the shelf. Here's the amazing part, they were only $12!! I was amazed! Sadly, no matter how hard I tried to cram my foot in there, they didn't fit, thus depriving me of the sweet deal. Anyway, to make a lame story even more lame, I then went to Famous Footwear and found probably the best pair of running shoes ever! I've needed new ones for a while now, some that really support my feet. Anyway, I was really excited and wanted to share in my lame excitement. I've even included a picture lol. So enjoy my stupid post :)


Tory said...

Oh, I like those shoes! They are really cute. Cute running shoes are hard to come by.

Christensens said...

I can understand the first story. I mean, I have known and seen many men come home and leave for Iraq. And, yes, I can't help but cry everytime. I just love kids and the innocence that they have. Aren't they wonderful?! Teaching is really the best job in the world.

KG said...

You are a doorbell. I mean, you are adorable. I miss you. I really, really miss you. I want to go camping again. Remember that?