Losers, Emotions, and the Circus!

I have a lot to write about today. First off, Saturday night Cory and I went to the circus!! It was a ton of fun! I was completely blown away by some of things those performers do. It was insane. Cory got video of some of the things that I will have to post laster. But it was a great time and it was so nice to spend it with each other.

In other news, last night my family decided we're going to start our own biggest loser competition. I wont lie, the idea came to me during the season premier of The Office. Our goal is to see who can lose the biggest percent of weight by the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We've each contributed $10 and whoever wins gets to buy whatever they want with that money. It should be a lot of fun. Maybe I too can buy a tape worm from an old creepy man and "get skinny" haha. I love that show.

Well, switching gears, I've been feeling a little emotional. There are several reasons behind it. First, I had a revelation last night that I basically suck as a person. Okay, that's a little far fetched. I don't suck, but I have a vast area that can be filled with improvement. The biggest thing I think I need to work on is gossip. I discovered last night that one of my close friends is completely untrustworthy. I've always suspected because they bad mouth all their other friends to me, why should I be any different? Turns out I'm not. Now I was getting all heated about it with my mom when it suddenly hit me. I've done the same thing. I don't bad mouth every single person I know. It's only those I truly have issues with. But that still doesn't make it okay. It's never okay and it doesn't make me have a whole lot of integrity. I need to stop. It doesn't do any good but hurts those involved - including me. So that's my top goal right now (yes, even before winning the family fat fest) to stop saying things I wouldn't say to a person behind their backs. I know everyone struggles with this. It's going to be tough but I've got to try. I need to find the good in people. The other reason I've been emotional is I've just been so grateful for my family. I was thinking about my Dad yesterday morning. My Dad has always worked his tail off to provide for us. Because of that, he hasn't always been able to be at everything with us. But when he is able to, he's there and he tries really hard. The thing I thought about the most was when I got my tonsils out. He was there the whole time and even went to the gift shop and bought me a troll doll to help me feel better.... (I'm such a baby, I'm totally crying on the computer right now). This was about 15 years ago... but I still remember. He's such an awesome man and I wouldn't want another Dad. Just him. Also, I've been missing Tyler and his family like mad. It sucks to have people you love so much live so far away. But I guess it could be worse, at least they don't live in another country. Anyway, I love the people I have in my life and I'm going to do better to not talk about those who I don't love so much :) I realize that sounds bad. But I'm trying to improve myself.


Way To Go!!

Alright, I get to have a bragging moment. Today Cory was being honored at a lunch program at SLCC for making the presidents list last semester for academics. The requirements for said list are 1) you mush have at least 15 credit hours 2) you must get a GPA of 3.8 or higher. He earned a 3.97! I am so proud of him! I’m grateful that I’m married to someone who understands the importance of education and working hard to get ahead. We sat across from a man at the program who was the president of one of the programs there who gave us some really good advice. We told him we were both in school and working and doing our best to live life. He said this: If you’re willing to work and live for ten years like nobody wants, you’ll be able to live and play for the rest of your life like very few can. I’m pretty sure I botched it, he said it much better. But the principle stays the same. We’re trying not to worry about things we want right now. I think Cory and I are both willing to sacrifice the luxuries now in order to take care of the things that are really important and to be successful later. Education is the key to that goal. He and I recently had a talk about our schooling. When he’s done with the welding program at SLCC, he’s been talking about transferring to Weber and enrolling in their manufacturing engineering program up there. At first I didn’t want him to do it because that is 3 more years of school. I don’t want to wait 3 years to start a family and working full time while being a mom was not something I wanted to do. Plus, if I can’t find online education classes, it puts a halt to my education as well. However, we thought about it more, and we’d be stupid if we let him pass up this opportunity. The benefits that will come when he is done far out weigh the sacrifices we’ll have to make for a few years. It’s well worth it. His pay will be better, so will job security and opportunities to advance as well as creating his own company. I can’t say that I will be happily smiling the whole time we are experiencing his process. I can’t promise there wont be any complaining – you guys know me. But I do feel and know it’s the best decision for us. I just felt very thankful today for the man I married and the habits we’re learning now to help us be more successful.


Rants and Raves

I've had a lot on my mind the last couple of days. A few things have been kind of bugging me. I think the first thing is I'm sick of being treated a certain way just because of the stage of life I am in right now. Before I met Cory, no matter what I did, I was always treated like an 18 year old. People assumed I was immature and just living a "care free" life. Everyone treated me like I didn't understand the important things in life. Also, as is tradition, people were ALWAYS asking me when I was going to get married - like that was the only thing that mattered in life. This is one reason it's difficult to live in Utah. But I wont get into that. Anyway, it finally got to the point where people were making me feel guilty because I wasn't married yet. I was taking my time. I wasn't in a rush to grow up. And the same holds true for the stage of life I am in now. I'm happily married now. Have been for 3 months. In case you didn't catch that, I've been married for 3 months! I've already got people bombarding me with "when are you going to have a baby?"
Come on people, are you serious?! Just because 75% of my friends the same age have a baby already, and the other 25% are starting to have their second, DOES NOT mean I need to start "catching up." I don't care if people chose that earlier. That's fine for them and I'm happy for them. But I am not planning on moving on until I've had fun in this stage with Cory. I also wish that some of my friends or people I know would stop treating me differently just because I don't have kids yet. Yes, I understand it's more fun for them if they have someone to relate to. But they were in my stage before. Can't we relate that way for now? I'll have kids eventually. Let me go at my own speed. Unless there is an "accident," we're not planning on having kids right away. I'm not in a rush. I'm enjoying my life.
The second thing that's bugging me is kind of a touchy subject. I am so sick of hypocrites. I realize no one is perfect, but DO NOT point a finger of blame at someone if you yourself are also not doing that thing you're accusing the person of. I wish people would have more integrity.


Antelope Island (plus a little more...)

Friday night and all day Saturday Cory and I went out to Antelope Island with my family and the Schears for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Sadly, the weather was not ideal and we actually didn't see a single balloon the whole time. But we had fun anyway. Friday we went to the event area and listened to bands and ate cotton candy. Saturday it rained off and on all day so we didn't do a whole lot. We went to the ranch they have out there and then played games the rest of the night. I learned that Cory is an excellent Rummikub player. It was actually a really good time. I generally don't do this, but I included some "nature shots" with my pictures because they are actually really cool and they were taken with a cell phone so... not too shabby. It was a lot of fun.

Cory at the "roping coral"

Who knew Antelope Island had places this pretty?

The sunset

The sunflowers were everywhere

The sunrise. I also thought it was awesome that the sun itself was black. Kinda weird how that happened.

A pretty rainbow after one of the many thunderstorms that hit that day.


A Day Worth Mentioning

Several things happened today that I would like to write about. I guess it's probably best to go in the order of events.
Last year I had a girl in my math class who's dad was serving in the military and had been gone in Iraq for at least a year. She is in 4th grade this year, and is also in my carpool area so I talk to her a lot. I've been asking her for the past couple weeks when her dad gets to come home. She told me he was going to come home tomorrow (Friday) night. So this morning, I saw her and excitedly reminded her that tomorrow was the big day! She looked thrilled! Fast forward a couple hours... I was taking some of the first graders down to the bathroom during lunch. We passed the 4th grade classes and I saw a man standing outside this girls classroom door. I didn't think anything of it. I continued leading my train of hobbit followers to the toilets and rushed them inside to do their business. As I was waiting, around the corner comes the girl clinging suffocatingly to the man that was standing outside her classroom door - it was her dad. She had no idea he was coming. After well over a year of not seeing each other, it was an awesome reunion. I wish I could have been there to see the look on her face when he walked into the room. They both looked so happy and so touched. And I, being the baby that I am, started to cry. It was an amazing homecoming and I'm so glad she finally has her dad home.
Story number 2. There is a girl in our homeroom class who is just so loving and so inquisitive. She can ask 20 questions in a single breath and loves to know the answers to everything. She is adorable and she reminds anyone who has contact with her how much she loves them on a daily basis. Well, in the past week, she's injured herself at recess badly enough that she's been bleeding and bruised 3 times now. She always comes running to me bawling and I can tell it's totally legit. Anyway, today was another incident only she hurt her shin pretty bad this time. I took her down to the office and started our ritual of cleaning the wound and applying a band aid while she asks me questions about everything I'm doing. I actually really enjoy it because I know how much she loves to ask questions. Once back at class I had her sit at my desk while she held the ice on the goose egg her shin was developing. She noticed a Staff Leave Request paper on my desk (I'll be leaving early next Thursday) and she asked what it was. I told her I would be gone and instantly that sparked more questions. "Where are you going? Will you come back? Is it today you're leaving? Who will line us up? Who will be outside at recess? Who will teach us?"
I was frantically trying to answer all her questions when she suddenly got a look of deep concern on her face. Then she turns to me and asks, "What if I get hurt again? Who will take care of me?" My heart melted. She is so dang cute!! I'm glad she feels like she can trust me. Man, some days I really love my job! :)
Okay cool thing number 3. I love to buy shoes. I don't know why, but I do. Especially athletic shoes. I was at Ross today to kill a little time before my test and I was walking through the shoe section. I noticed the CUTEST pair of Doc Marten's on the shelf. Here's the amazing part, they were only $12!! I was amazed! Sadly, no matter how hard I tried to cram my foot in there, they didn't fit, thus depriving me of the sweet deal. Anyway, to make a lame story even more lame, I then went to Famous Footwear and found probably the best pair of running shoes ever! I've needed new ones for a while now, some that really support my feet. Anyway, I was really excited and wanted to share in my lame excitement. I've even included a picture lol. So enjoy my stupid post :)



It's kind of sad that this is a common site at the McLachlan household.
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"The Boxer"

I've been feeling a little depressed lately due to the heavy amount of stress I've been encountering. I usually love going to work because the love of the kids really makes my day better... until today. I was teaching my math class and I had just handed out a fact paper for the students to work on. One little boy, who up until today I thought was incapable of doing anything wrong, was just staring at me as I tried to help him on his paper. Finally he said, "Mrs. Hunter, are you a boxer?" Taken back a little, I said, no and asked why. His reply was, "cuz your nose looks smashed in like a boxers. And like a man's too!"
(pause for laughs)
I am well aware that my nose is "unfortunate," believe me. I even dated someone who I swear made it his quest to make sure I remembered that. ANYWAY! Today was the first day that I had cared about it in a really long time - and the point of this story is it didn't help my mood any :( Sometimes little kids can be a bit too honest. At least this year they've stopped asking me when I'm having my baby...



Cory and I decided our bedroom needed to get done asap. We had our bed in the office, but our clothes were scattered throughout the 3 bedrooms. So, enough was enough and Saturday we set to work to finish our room. And we did it!! It's so nice! I love waking up and having my clothes right next to me. Anyway, here are the pictures. It looks so nice! I'll update our lives down below the photo's.

We didn't have closet doors which really bothered me that anyone who went in there could see everything, so I found a sweet deal on some curtains and decided to hang those up instead. They need to be hemmed a bit, and ironed, but I can do that later.
This picture make the frames on the wall look tiny! Maybe I should get some new ones...
We're really excited and it's nice to have a bedroom. Next up, the kitchen. But who knows when that will happen.
So our lives have been so hectic! Cory and I both get up around 6:30. We get ready, say goodbye to each other then head off. I go to work till 3:30-4:15, depending on the day. He's off at school till about 3:00. On Tuesday's and Thursday's I leave straight from teaching school, to GO to school. I'm taking classes at SLCC this semester. Almost every day, Cory gets home from school just in time to head off to work till at least 8:00 pm. On the days I don't have class, I usually do homework or clean the house - if there's time. Cory gets home from work, we watch the news and head to bed. That is pretty much our daily routine. It kinda sucks because we never get to see each other and we're both really busy. I have a laundry list of "to do" things that I fear will never get done. First off, the kitchen. Second, our Thank You cards from the wedding. No, we still haven't gotten those done. I'm the only one writing them and that takes a LONG time. So if you're wondering where yours is, I promise it's coming sometime. Also, my mom printed out our wedding photos and those need to be cut out and put in an album... *sigh* such is life. But other than that, we're both doing okay. We're heading to Moab in October with my family and we're both so excited for it! We could really use a break, and we both love it down there. I'll be sure and take lots of pictures. Anyway, so that's our life so far. If anything exciting happens I'll let ya know.


I've been tagged

3 favorite foods:
*Chocolate Ice Cream

3 most hated foods:
*French Toast
*Tuna Fish

3 things I love:
*my family (that includes my new one :))
*Buying athletic shoes

3 things I hate:
*When someone hurts those I love
*Most drivers on the road
*Talking on the phone

3 worst fears:
*losing someone I love
*Deep Water

3 favorite smells:
*My new deoderant
*fresh cut grass
*Cory :) On most days anyway

3 hobbies:
*Spending time at the rec center
*... that's all I have time for in the day lol

3 talents:
*listening to people
*I can draw really good stick figures

3 bad habits:
*being lazy
*giving my opinion too much I guess... I don't know

3 best friends:
*my mom
**top secret*

3 broken bones:
*pinky toe (twice)
*tail bone (twice)
*ribs (twice)

3 people to tag:


Lake Cleveland

Our Labor Day weekend was pretty fun. We headed up to Idaho for the annual "Hagloch Family Camping Trip" at Lake Cleveland. I'd never been there before. It's absolutely gorgeous. The weather was pretty nice the first 2 days, although the wind blew constantly. I decided to get a 3 day fishing license with Cory and see how I would do fishing for my first time. Earlier that morning members of the family had caught about 15 fish, which we promptly ate. It was SOOOO good! Anyway, I decided the fishing was pretty good so I gave it a try. We were sitting in the raft talking about how we probably wouldn't catch anything while I was reeling my line in. When it was almost to the boat, I felt it tugging and I noticed I had caught my first fish!!! It wasn't very big, but it was big enough to keep. I was so excited! Cory later caught one, then I caught another larger one that was at least 12" long. It was a lot of fun. Well then the Labor Day storm hit Sunday afternoon and it got COLD! Monday morning was probably 30 degrees when we woke up, with a wind chill of who knows what. We packed up to leave pretty quick lol. Anyway, it was a lot of fun! I got to know some of Cory's family better and develop closer relationships with them. It meant a lot to me and I look forward to more of it. His family is pretty cool. In fact the whole weekend I felt so blessed to be part of a new family that accepts me and is so easy-going and nice. I really am lucky.
Anyway, the wind up there actually took a pretty good toll on our tent so we decided we needed to get a new one - a nice one since we go camping a lot. So Monday when we got back we went out to pick out a new tent. It'll be a couple weeks before we can buy it, but we found one that looks pretty cool so we're really excited! Thank you REI! I'm excited. Then we went to McGraths for dinner and went shopping at the Gateway. It was a great Labor Day even with the cold. Here are a couple fishing pictures so enjoy.

Me fishing...

A picture of my first fish :)

...and I let Cory do the dirty work :) His hand really isn't that huge...