Ah... Family Togetherness

This past weekend we traveled to Cheyenne, Wyoming to go see Tyler and Tory. The main reason for the trip was Brock's blessing, so Tory had some family there too. We arrived late Friday night and stayed up pretty late talking to Tyler and Tory. Saturday we rent running and then just hung out until we got bored enough to go to the Frontier Mall. Bradlee got to play in the kids place. She was SO excited to run around and play. It was impossible to watch her and not smile. I love that little stinker. Anyway, then later that night we had a BBQ with Tory's family and mine. We played some family "pig" on the basketball court. We started out playing "horse" but as it turns out, we're all a pretty lousy shot, so we shortened it. Even after that we called it quits, so we never crowned a winner. Anyway, Sunday, Tyler blessed Brock. It was an amazing blessing. My brother is so rad. In fact my whole family is. This weekend meant so much to me to have the whole family together. We're a cool family. We're far from perfect and we may be different, but I love us still the same.
Anyway, so Sunday night we went to the park and played. Then Monday we bumbed around until Cory and I had to leave. It was a great weekend and I'm so glad we went. It meant a lot to me. Below are some pictures from the trip so, enjoy!

Our latest "family picture"

Brock is the cutest little boy!! And he's such an angel.

Bradlee loves Cory. A lot.

Funny story, Bradlee, who's not even 2 years old yet, cleans up her own messes. She was drinking water out of her sippy cup and some of it spilled on the chair. She said "uh oh!" and went into the kitchen and opened a drawer, pulled out a rag, and went and wiped it up. It was amazing! Way to go Tory for teaching her early!!

I guess my Dad got bored at the park because he started to swing lol. It was cute. Also, Brock will sleep any way you hold him basically. Funny huh?

These are at the BBQ. The grill stopped working and it was hilarious to see all the men hovering over it adding their two cents on what the problem was. Men....

The happy family! I'm so blessed to have them in my life!


Tory said...

In the future, please refrain from putting any pictures of me on your blog. I looke so freakin' nasty in every one of those. YIKES!

Megan and Cory said...

oh shut up you do not!! so HA!!