Stand Up and Shout, I'm Finally Out!!!

WOOHOO!! This is a day of celebration!! I'm FINALLY done with my summer job of mowing lawns! :) Now, the job really isn't bad. In fact I'd still recommend it. But after 5 straight summers of doing the same thing again and again and again... it gets old. And I'm missing turns and exits driving because I'm too busy inspecting peoples lawns... It's sad. I've even picked out my favorite yards along the mowing route. I NEED HELP! But today was my last day and I'm pretty stoked about it. I'm going to miss joking around with some of the crew members but mostly I am relieved.

Also, I've already lost some weight. I'm not sure how much yet because we keep forgetting to buy a bathroom scale, but here's how I know. I bought pants in Cheyenne on Saturday and today I tried them on again and they fit a little looser. YAY! Hopefully it's not a fluke.

Anyway, life is going pretty great right now. I have no complaints.

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