Progress On Our Pad

I know I promised some pictures of our progress on our place. I have some of the living room. I have more pictures to put up, hence the empty walls. And I've included some pictures of the work on our bedroom... not too exciting, but educational for those that care. Notice, there aren't any of the kitchen. Those will come later because that project will be the most drastic of all. I'm excited!!

The "dinning area"

Our fireplace, and also a picture of part of the bedroom. Like I said, not too exciting without furniture and such.

So I painted this on the bedroom door to be "funny" however, I am now genuinely concerned that it will show through no matter how many times we paint the door...


la fashionista said...

Bwahahaha. I hope that "sign" stays there forever.

Tory said...

Your house is looking so good. I would like to see some "before" pictures of the kitchen though.