Our New Project

For those of you who are wondering where on earth we've disappeared to (my bet is, no one noticed lol), we've been busy. The time has come for us to move to the basement. We wanted to help update the place a little bit, so yesterday the project that is going to take months had it's groundbreaking. First on the list, painting. We've been painting the living room like crazy so we can move out stuff down there on Saturday. So, here are some pictures of our progress so far. Keep in mind we've just started and we've got a long way to go.

Here is one of the big walls that used to be a dark wood color.

A closer view of the 2-toned colors we're using.

We've painted the built in shelves black to give it a nice effect, and it matches our furniture.
The next items on the list are to paint the doors, paint our table, paint the kitchen cabinets, tile the counter tops, get a new kitchen sink, and maybe sometime replace the carpet in the living room. It's a big project and we'll pick at it as we get time and money. But we're excited!!

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Tory said...

WOW! It already looks really good. I can't wait to see it. That'll be Christmas time, I guess.