The Luck of the Draw!

The other day I was excited because I won a $5 Coldstone gift card at work. Life's simple pleasures right? And today I got a free mini fan that has a flashlight on it. I was racking in the cool stuff. Well, tonight we really hit the mother load... sorta. It was Cory's work party and they had a raffle. They were giving away some pretty sweet stuff; an ipod, Nintendo DS with Guitar Hero, an actual electric guitar, and $100 gift cards to Dick's Market. They also had some less exciting items like camping chairs (which we already have too many of), board games (which we hate to play), and ice cream coupons. ANYWAY, long story short, we thought we'd for sure end up getting something we didn't need, but that wasn't the case. We won a huge camping grill which we actually needed. It's awesome. So we're pretty stoked. Let the good times keep on keepin' on!


Wendy said...

Are you serious? Definitely bring that to Moab!!

Unknown said...

Hey your apt. looks great, you guys did awesome!

Amy said...

Congrats on your BBQ-er! So how is married life? I may be there soon...I'll let you know as soon as I do! :) (He wants everything to be a blasted surprise).