Progress On Our Pad

I know I promised some pictures of our progress on our place. I have some of the living room. I have more pictures to put up, hence the empty walls. And I've included some pictures of the work on our bedroom... not too exciting, but educational for those that care. Notice, there aren't any of the kitchen. Those will come later because that project will be the most drastic of all. I'm excited!!

The "dinning area"

Our fireplace, and also a picture of part of the bedroom. Like I said, not too exciting without furniture and such.

So I painted this on the bedroom door to be "funny" however, I am now genuinely concerned that it will show through no matter how many times we paint the door...

Uh... OOPS!

So Cory and I have been painting our bedroom all day today. We were getting pretty hungry towards dinner time and decided that Chinese sounded good. We're both suckers for Lo Mein so we found a recipe online and decided we'd try it for dinner. So we went to Dick's market and bought all the *expensive* ingredients. Then we came home and nervously began to try it out. We cut the chicken and made the marinade. The marinade smelled wonderful so we started to get excited. Then... the time came to make the "sauce". I was adding ingredients when I realized we needed Oyster Sauce, we had purchased canned Oysters thinking we could just use the juice. Turns out, Oyster Sauce is something completely different. So we called around to grocery stores to see if anyone had it, no one did. So we decided we'd try our version and see how it was. The next step was to boil the noodles. I grabbed our "Chinese noodles" and threw them into the pot only to discover, they weren't noodles, they were rice sticks. We have no idea what those are, but they're not supposed to be boiled in water. So we got angry as we watched two $5 bags of these rice sticks ruin to nothing. Frustrated, I decided to just use spaghetti noodles. The recipe said those would be an okay substitute. Well, we mixed all the stuff in the wok and bravely took the first taste. It was pretty bland. Hoping to salvage something from the money we spent on this quickly failing dinner, I added a bunch of teriyaki sauce and some peanuts. This made the taste slightly better. We decided to go ahead and eat it anyway. It wasn't gross, but it wasn't good either. Here is a picture of our improvised Lo Mein...

So what is the moral of this story? There isn't one. But we learned 2 very important lessons. First, when your mom calls an hour before you decided to make a new dinner and invites you to the Spaghetti Factory and you say "no thanks, we're going to try this new recipe," that's a stupid idea. GO TO THE SPAGHETTI FACTORY. Lesson #2, except for kung pao chicken, which we rock at making, it's best to leave oriental food to the Chinese. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go drink my Naked Juice and wash the taste out of my mouth.


The Luck of the Draw!

The other day I was excited because I won a $5 Coldstone gift card at work. Life's simple pleasures right? And today I got a free mini fan that has a flashlight on it. I was racking in the cool stuff. Well, tonight we really hit the mother load... sorta. It was Cory's work party and they had a raffle. They were giving away some pretty sweet stuff; an ipod, Nintendo DS with Guitar Hero, an actual electric guitar, and $100 gift cards to Dick's Market. They also had some less exciting items like camping chairs (which we already have too many of), board games (which we hate to play), and ice cream coupons. ANYWAY, long story short, we thought we'd for sure end up getting something we didn't need, but that wasn't the case. We won a huge camping grill which we actually needed. It's awesome. So we're pretty stoked. Let the good times keep on keepin' on!


Finally, A Day of Rest

I have a greater appreciation for "beasts of burden" today. The past 4 days, I have felt like one and I gotta tell ya, it's NOT fun. Like I mentioned earlier, we've been busting our butts to get moved downstairs. The frantic painting started Wednesday. However, Cory has been sick for a week and a half so throughout all this chaos, he helped when he could but it was up to me and both parents to get the job done. I'd wake up at 6:45 a.m., go to work until 4:00 p.m., come home, instantly change my clothes and head down to the basement to start working till usually about 10:00 p.m.. I really was worried that if I stopped moving I would just collapse. ANYWAY, the worst part is over, and today I can throw my "labor slave" graduation hat in the air because the projects we have from now on are NOT on a time restriction. Yesterday we moved all our stuff downstairs! HOORAY!! I didn't think we had that much stuff but reality quickly gave me a slap in the face. Duh Megan, we were just married. We have TONS of stuff!!! Thankfully, and I really am S0 thankful, Cory's parents and his nieces and nephews came over and helped, as did my own parents and Lisa. Oh and Dustin popped in for a while. I am so grateful to all of them right now because with their help, it went pretty quick - and none of this could have been possible if we were doing it alone. So guys, if you're reading this, THANK YOU!! I love you all! So that's the update on where we are right now. I'll post some pictures once we get the place cleaned up and a little more settled. We're so relieved to have the worst part over with! :)


Our New Project

For those of you who are wondering where on earth we've disappeared to (my bet is, no one noticed lol), we've been busy. The time has come for us to move to the basement. We wanted to help update the place a little bit, so yesterday the project that is going to take months had it's groundbreaking. First on the list, painting. We've been painting the living room like crazy so we can move out stuff down there on Saturday. So, here are some pictures of our progress so far. Keep in mind we've just started and we've got a long way to go.

Here is one of the big walls that used to be a dark wood color.

A closer view of the 2-toned colors we're using.

We've painted the built in shelves black to give it a nice effect, and it matches our furniture.
The next items on the list are to paint the doors, paint our table, paint the kitchen cabinets, tile the counter tops, get a new kitchen sink, and maybe sometime replace the carpet in the living room. It's a big project and we'll pick at it as we get time and money. But we're excited!!


My Inspiration

I'm feeling pretty good today. The Olympics are here and I'm really excited. I'm sort of a weirdo when it comes to watching athletes. I really do get inspired to work harder and do better. My current inspiration to keep pushing myself is Michael Phelps. I don't work myself half as hard as he does. He pushes his body to the limit and defies all the odds to achieve his goals. If he can do it, why can't I? And my goal isn't a gold medal lol. He also makes me want to become a better swimmer. I've really developed a love for the sport this summer. It's way more fun than running :) I've set a lot of goals for myself lately. Not only am I trying to get into great shape, but I have other aspects of my life that I am trying to improve as well. The road hasn't been easy. And I know it wont get any easier because once I accomplish something, I'm just going to move on to the next thing I want to improve. But so far, it's been so worth it. For the first time in a really long time, I'm enjoying working hard. I have much more self-confidence (which I really need). I feel more accomplished and happier with who I am becoming. It's a great feeling. So I encourage you to do the same. And what better time to get inspired than to watch the athletes who have worked their whole lives to accomplish something. I LOVE THIS TIME!! :)


Stand Up and Shout, I'm Finally Out!!!

WOOHOO!! This is a day of celebration!! I'm FINALLY done with my summer job of mowing lawns! :) Now, the job really isn't bad. In fact I'd still recommend it. But after 5 straight summers of doing the same thing again and again and again... it gets old. And I'm missing turns and exits driving because I'm too busy inspecting peoples lawns... It's sad. I've even picked out my favorite yards along the mowing route. I NEED HELP! But today was my last day and I'm pretty stoked about it. I'm going to miss joking around with some of the crew members but mostly I am relieved.

Also, I've already lost some weight. I'm not sure how much yet because we keep forgetting to buy a bathroom scale, but here's how I know. I bought pants in Cheyenne on Saturday and today I tried them on again and they fit a little looser. YAY! Hopefully it's not a fluke.

Anyway, life is going pretty great right now. I have no complaints.


Ah... Family Togetherness

This past weekend we traveled to Cheyenne, Wyoming to go see Tyler and Tory. The main reason for the trip was Brock's blessing, so Tory had some family there too. We arrived late Friday night and stayed up pretty late talking to Tyler and Tory. Saturday we rent running and then just hung out until we got bored enough to go to the Frontier Mall. Bradlee got to play in the kids place. She was SO excited to run around and play. It was impossible to watch her and not smile. I love that little stinker. Anyway, then later that night we had a BBQ with Tory's family and mine. We played some family "pig" on the basketball court. We started out playing "horse" but as it turns out, we're all a pretty lousy shot, so we shortened it. Even after that we called it quits, so we never crowned a winner. Anyway, Sunday, Tyler blessed Brock. It was an amazing blessing. My brother is so rad. In fact my whole family is. This weekend meant so much to me to have the whole family together. We're a cool family. We're far from perfect and we may be different, but I love us still the same.
Anyway, so Sunday night we went to the park and played. Then Monday we bumbed around until Cory and I had to leave. It was a great weekend and I'm so glad we went. It meant a lot to me. Below are some pictures from the trip so, enjoy!

Our latest "family picture"

Brock is the cutest little boy!! And he's such an angel.

Bradlee loves Cory. A lot.

Funny story, Bradlee, who's not even 2 years old yet, cleans up her own messes. She was drinking water out of her sippy cup and some of it spilled on the chair. She said "uh oh!" and went into the kitchen and opened a drawer, pulled out a rag, and went and wiped it up. It was amazing! Way to go Tory for teaching her early!!

I guess my Dad got bored at the park because he started to swing lol. It was cute. Also, Brock will sleep any way you hold him basically. Funny huh?

These are at the BBQ. The grill stopped working and it was hilarious to see all the men hovering over it adding their two cents on what the problem was. Men....

The happy family! I'm so blessed to have them in my life!