Things I Miss About Logan

I don't think about Logan too much but there are a few things I miss about that little town. First and foremost is of course my friends and the good 'ol college life. Man, we had some good times. But here we go, things I miss:

Aggie basketball games!! I'm a huge fan of college basketball and I really really miss the Utah State games. The team is excellent for their division and the crowd is phenomenal! I miss the deafening cheers and the screaming. It was always a good time.

The Logan Temple. I always used to go on walks and drives to the temple and just sit and think for hours. It was always so peaceful and I kind of considered it my personal place to go and just be alone. I miss the view also.
Merlin Olsen Park. This is the raddest park! I miss playing night games here. The trees always made it so dark and so much fun to run and sneak around. I also miss playing Frisbee in it's big field. I have yet to find a park as perfect as this one.
The Campus. I miss the history behind the buildings. I also miss the friendly nature of the people of there. On a good day, you could have 100 people you didn't know say hi to you on your way to class. It was such a warm environment.
I don't miss driving in the snow in Sardine Canyon, but I really miss how pretty it always was, especially in the fall. The colors are so vivid and the snow always delicately blanketed the trees. It it gorgeous.

I'm not a huge supporter of snow or the bitter cold weather in Logan, but I miss how beautiful the snow always was. Because it gets so cold, the snow was always frozen on the trees, making the whole valley feel like some kind of fantasy land. I can recall more than one occasion coming down 400 North from campus and having my breath taken away because of how amazing the valley looked.

I miss the Quad and all the activities the University always had going on. It gave people a place to go and have fun.

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KG said...

That is the most beautiful picture of Sardine Canyon I have ever seen. It's so LOTR, which is definitely a component of Logan I would miss. And Logan misses you.