Sweet Weekend Fun!!

This past weekend we were able to go have a great time with some friends in Logan/Bear Lake. We set off Friday afternoon in our Jeeps and went up Logan Canyon. We took the trail to Logan Peek. It didn't take long for the bugs to start to annoy us, so we loaded back up and headed off on another trail to find a place to camp. This place we found was pretty cool. It's on the list of places I want to camp again. Along the trail to the campsite we stopped at Old Ephraim's grave. It was pretty cool, I wish I had a picture :( And if you are drawing a blank right now at the name "Old Ephraim," google is your friend right now. We reached camp and started a fire so that 6 hours later we could have our tin foil dinners. Lol, okay it was only like 2 hours. But dang it, they were good!!! We had a great time enjoying nature and spending time with friends.

Cory and Nate.

The Campsite

Aw, look at the Jeeps :)

Good morning Kelly!!

Cory - Lord of the Flame

This picture honestly makes me sick but Cory worked so hard at it so, TADA!!

Fathead and his Wife Jessie. It was our first time going with them. I don't know why it took so long, we had a lot of fun.
The next morning we woke up and headed down to Bear Lake to swim around and just kinda hang out. The water was freezing at first. I think the fact that it was 9:00 am might have had something to do with it as well. But, we put that aside and we had a blast!

Some boys never grow up. And I have to say, I'm really glad about that :) Cory is such a little kid.
Please, refrain from licking the computer screen right now.
Following Bear Lake, Cory, Nate, and I went and got some lunch and the traditional raspberry shake. I was proud of myself because every time we get shakes there, I wuss out and get chocolate. This time, I actually tried the raspberry! It was pretty good :)
Well, then Nate went fishing so Cory and I headed up to his ranch in Idaho for a few hours so he could show it to me. It was fun to see where he spent most of his summers growing up. His face would lite up as he would tell me all the memories. It was cute :) After the trip down memory lane (literally) we headed over to Clifton, Idaho for a wedding reception. After that, we went back down to Logan and went and saw The Dark Knight again. I cant get enough of that movie. We spent the night at a friends house and headed home in the morning. It was a really great weekend. We needed the little get-a-way. Thanks friends!! See you soon!!

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KG said...

Yeah, we are all pretty hot. Of course I love our sexy beach picture... but I also am in favor of Cory's pregnancy photo and also that cute one of Jessie by herself on the beach. Well met, friend!