Heroic Stupidity

Today I had a major blonde moment that could have been cool in other circumstances, but wasn't in this case. We have this van at work that is a pile of crap. It idles too high, so when it's put into gear, it starts to move without even pushing the gas pedal. It's also hard to tell whether it's in park or drive or whatever because the needle register that tells you is broken. So, today I needed to run something up to "the shop" at work. The shop is a huge warehouse where they store all the equipment and park all the district trucks. I took the van because it's easier than pulling the whole dang trailer of mowing equipment up there to turn around and come back again. So I hopped in and drove up to it (we're talking maybe a block in distance). I drove up there and entered the warehouse. My plan was to park the van, leave it running, and drop off the item and be back in under 10 seconds. So, step 1, I parked the van - or so I thought. I hopped out really fast and started for the door when I glanced back. The van was moving backwards at a pretty incredible rate thanks to the high idle-ness, and it was headed right for mowing equipment worth thousands of dollars. Panicking, I ran for the van. I had left the door open, so thinking quickly, I dove for the drivers seat. SUCCESS! I made it inside and was able to stop the van just before it hit anything. When it came to a halt I sat there and instantly busted up laughing. Doing what any idiot would do in that kind of an embarrassing situation, I started to scan the warehouse for any spectators that might have witnessed my witless act. I didn't see any, however, the security camera's were rolling. So someone got a laugh. After the hilarity of the situation wore off I kind of went into shock and started shaking. Then, I noticed a throbbing pain in my shoulder. Somehow, during my awesome dive into the vehicle, I slammed my shoulder into something. It's bruised pretty bad - bad enough I had to leave work early because I cant lift anything with it. But it was a pretty funny experience. I guess I got pretty lucky this time.

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KG said...

He he. That is a great and heroic story. Who could stop a moving van but the one and only Meg-Han? They don't call you Meg the Van Stopper for nothing. Oh wait.