Good News

Some good news moments that have happened in our little family:
~ Cory made the honor roll as SLCC for the spring 2008 semester!! We're super proud of him and his hard work!!
~ After 2 ridiculous years, we finally fixed the AC in my car and I actually wanna drive it now!
~ We get to go to Logan next weekend and see some friends and hopefully go camping (ah hem!). I have mixed emotions about visiting Logan, but overall I'm really excited to see everyone and show Cory where I spent 4 years of my life.
~ Our wedding pictures are done and I'll have them tomorrow!! I cant wait to see them!!
~ We found a way to use the DVR remote that goes to the tv in our room out in the living room too! So we don't really need to have the one that Grandma took mailed to us lol.
~ We're happy and healthy and very blessed.

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