I Need Your Help

So I get really bored the nights Cory is at work. I usually bug Collin to the point where he crumbles and comes over and indulges in our Office and Simpsons addictions. However, tonight he is stuck in traffic - still. He's been stuck for about 4.5 hours and still isn't home. Anyway, so to kill the boredom I hopped on the Internet and did some research. I know what you're all thinking, who is this crazy gringo and what is she talking about? I made a saddening discovery. I am overweight. Now before you all start arguing with me and start with the "you're fine the way you are" crap, let me tell you I wont listen because I have documented proof to prove you wrong. It's not a drastic amount, no. But I'm still in the "overweight" category - in my eyes. So, I researched some more and found some pretty cool ways to remedy the situation at hand. So, my goal right now: To lose 10 pounds. I don't care how long it takes, I just want to do it. Now, I am EXTREMELY sensitive about my weight and any conversations related therein so posting this is kind of a big deal. Why am I doing it? Because I need your help and support. I need my friends to check up on me and make sure I haven't become lazy. That, and I'm testing your love for me lol just kidding. But seriously, any support I can get would be awesome. So friends, wish me luck. The goal is in effect tomorrow. No more fat chicks!!


Sweet Weekend Fun!!

This past weekend we were able to go have a great time with some friends in Logan/Bear Lake. We set off Friday afternoon in our Jeeps and went up Logan Canyon. We took the trail to Logan Peek. It didn't take long for the bugs to start to annoy us, so we loaded back up and headed off on another trail to find a place to camp. This place we found was pretty cool. It's on the list of places I want to camp again. Along the trail to the campsite we stopped at Old Ephraim's grave. It was pretty cool, I wish I had a picture :( And if you are drawing a blank right now at the name "Old Ephraim," google is your friend right now. We reached camp and started a fire so that 6 hours later we could have our tin foil dinners. Lol, okay it was only like 2 hours. But dang it, they were good!!! We had a great time enjoying nature and spending time with friends.

Cory and Nate.

The Campsite

Aw, look at the Jeeps :)

Good morning Kelly!!

Cory - Lord of the Flame

This picture honestly makes me sick but Cory worked so hard at it so, TADA!!

Fathead and his Wife Jessie. It was our first time going with them. I don't know why it took so long, we had a lot of fun.
The next morning we woke up and headed down to Bear Lake to swim around and just kinda hang out. The water was freezing at first. I think the fact that it was 9:00 am might have had something to do with it as well. But, we put that aside and we had a blast!

Some boys never grow up. And I have to say, I'm really glad about that :) Cory is such a little kid.
Please, refrain from licking the computer screen right now.
Following Bear Lake, Cory, Nate, and I went and got some lunch and the traditional raspberry shake. I was proud of myself because every time we get shakes there, I wuss out and get chocolate. This time, I actually tried the raspberry! It was pretty good :)
Well, then Nate went fishing so Cory and I headed up to his ranch in Idaho for a few hours so he could show it to me. It was fun to see where he spent most of his summers growing up. His face would lite up as he would tell me all the memories. It was cute :) After the trip down memory lane (literally) we headed over to Clifton, Idaho for a wedding reception. After that, we went back down to Logan and went and saw The Dark Knight again. I cant get enough of that movie. We spent the night at a friends house and headed home in the morning. It was a really great weekend. We needed the little get-a-way. Thanks friends!! See you soon!!


Things I Miss About Logan

I don't think about Logan too much but there are a few things I miss about that little town. First and foremost is of course my friends and the good 'ol college life. Man, we had some good times. But here we go, things I miss:

Aggie basketball games!! I'm a huge fan of college basketball and I really really miss the Utah State games. The team is excellent for their division and the crowd is phenomenal! I miss the deafening cheers and the screaming. It was always a good time.

The Logan Temple. I always used to go on walks and drives to the temple and just sit and think for hours. It was always so peaceful and I kind of considered it my personal place to go and just be alone. I miss the view also.
Merlin Olsen Park. This is the raddest park! I miss playing night games here. The trees always made it so dark and so much fun to run and sneak around. I also miss playing Frisbee in it's big field. I have yet to find a park as perfect as this one.
The Campus. I miss the history behind the buildings. I also miss the friendly nature of the people of there. On a good day, you could have 100 people you didn't know say hi to you on your way to class. It was such a warm environment.
I don't miss driving in the snow in Sardine Canyon, but I really miss how pretty it always was, especially in the fall. The colors are so vivid and the snow always delicately blanketed the trees. It it gorgeous.

I'm not a huge supporter of snow or the bitter cold weather in Logan, but I miss how beautiful the snow always was. Because it gets so cold, the snow was always frozen on the trees, making the whole valley feel like some kind of fantasy land. I can recall more than one occasion coming down 400 North from campus and having my breath taken away because of how amazing the valley looked.

I miss the Quad and all the activities the University always had going on. It gave people a place to go and have fun.



I would just like to apologize if I offended anyone by my previous blog (now deleted). I guess thanking people publically isn't really a good idea. I want everyone to know that every single one of my friends has touched my life in ways I cant explain and I love you all!



Hey friends! We got our wedding pictures back!! woohoo! We have some of them posted on an online picture thing at www.picasaweb.google.com/meganljam. The same pictures are also on the slide show we have now but they are pretty small so if you want the bigger version, you can go there :)


Good News

Some good news moments that have happened in our little family:
~ Cory made the honor roll as SLCC for the spring 2008 semester!! We're super proud of him and his hard work!!
~ After 2 ridiculous years, we finally fixed the AC in my car and I actually wanna drive it now!
~ We get to go to Logan next weekend and see some friends and hopefully go camping (ah hem!). I have mixed emotions about visiting Logan, but overall I'm really excited to see everyone and show Cory where I spent 4 years of my life.
~ Our wedding pictures are done and I'll have them tomorrow!! I cant wait to see them!!
~ We found a way to use the DVR remote that goes to the tv in our room out in the living room too! So we don't really need to have the one that Grandma took mailed to us lol.
~ We're happy and healthy and very blessed.


Heroic Stupidity

Today I had a major blonde moment that could have been cool in other circumstances, but wasn't in this case. We have this van at work that is a pile of crap. It idles too high, so when it's put into gear, it starts to move without even pushing the gas pedal. It's also hard to tell whether it's in park or drive or whatever because the needle register that tells you is broken. So, today I needed to run something up to "the shop" at work. The shop is a huge warehouse where they store all the equipment and park all the district trucks. I took the van because it's easier than pulling the whole dang trailer of mowing equipment up there to turn around and come back again. So I hopped in and drove up to it (we're talking maybe a block in distance). I drove up there and entered the warehouse. My plan was to park the van, leave it running, and drop off the item and be back in under 10 seconds. So, step 1, I parked the van - or so I thought. I hopped out really fast and started for the door when I glanced back. The van was moving backwards at a pretty incredible rate thanks to the high idle-ness, and it was headed right for mowing equipment worth thousands of dollars. Panicking, I ran for the van. I had left the door open, so thinking quickly, I dove for the drivers seat. SUCCESS! I made it inside and was able to stop the van just before it hit anything. When it came to a halt I sat there and instantly busted up laughing. Doing what any idiot would do in that kind of an embarrassing situation, I started to scan the warehouse for any spectators that might have witnessed my witless act. I didn't see any, however, the security camera's were rolling. So someone got a laugh. After the hilarity of the situation wore off I kind of went into shock and started shaking. Then, I noticed a throbbing pain in my shoulder. Somehow, during my awesome dive into the vehicle, I slammed my shoulder into something. It's bruised pretty bad - bad enough I had to leave work early because I cant lift anything with it. But it was a pretty funny experience. I guess I got pretty lucky this time.


The Honeymoon!!

Hello friends! We're back from Vegas! And I've gotta say, 95 degrees never felt so good. It was way too hot down there. But let me back up and give you the details... well some of them.
Alright, first off, the wedding was amazing!! The day went by way too fast, but I'll talk more about it when I get my pictures back and can blog that wonderful day. Anyway, so after the reception we had a room reserved at the Little America Hotel. It was their nicest room. We even had the "romance package" where they left us chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling cider. We were on the top floor and the view was amazing, as the picture will show you. I took some pictures of the room so you can see how nice it was.

Well we woke up earlier than we thought we would the next day, so we decided to get on the road kinda early. So we set off for Vegas. There were some incredibly rude drivers on the way down there. We even had one guy totally cut me off and then he passed us on the shoulder at about 90 mph! I was so mad! We actually called the cops on him but nothing ever came of it sadly. We finally made it to Vegas after much driving. Each day the tempter was 112 degrees or hotter. So I'm happy to be back in Utah. We checked into the Stratosphere Hotel. It was dumpier than I thought it was going to be, so don't stay there. We went and had dinner in the hotel, which was way good. Then we actually fell asleep at 8:oo that night.
Day 3
We woke up and used our free pass to go up on the top of the Stratosphere to have a look around at the view. It was pretty scary to be that high up. But not as scary as when I did the big shot ride a few years back... YIKES! So after that we went swimming then decided to go find an In-N-Out Burger for lunch. Well, we found one, along with the rest of the city. It was SO busy! I'd guess there were at least 150 people in that tiny place. It was a joke. But the food was still amazing. Well then Cory took me to see Wall-E because I've been going on for months and months about how bad I wanted to see it. And it was so freakin funny! I loved it! Following the movie we went to the MGM Grand and watched the lions. Then we just kinda bumbed around till we got tired.
Day 4
We went to church which was pretty good. Then we went for a drive to find the temple. Then we did some shopping. Then we checked in at the Luxor. That night, we had tickets for the Tournament of Kings dinner show at the Excalibur. It was so cool! If you don't know what it is, it's a show where you sit in a section named after a country (we were Ireland) and you have a King of that land who is competing against other kings in tournaments of jousting and sword fighting. They serve you Medieval style with a whole chicken and no utensils. It was a lot of fun. After the show, we went and rode the New York New York coaster then walked around until we couldn't stand the heat anymore.
Day 5
We woke up and went simming at the pool. Then had lunch then went to the M&M world and played around. We even went and watched their 3-D movie. Here's our dorky faces at the movie.

After the movie we went to the Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand again. It was pretty boring. Then that night Cory really wanted to go eat at the Hard Rock Cafe so we went down there and had a pretty good time. The best part was the Eagles guitar though. I love that band!

Then we drove down the strip once then went to bed with very full tummy's.
Day 6
We were supposed to go home this day but we found out that we didn't have to work this week so we decided to stay one more day. This was a bad idea. You'll find out why later. Anyway, so we woke up and went swimming for a long time and just laid around. It was nice. Then we went to the Las Vegas Temple for a session. It was really pretty. It was smaller than I expected but it was so worth going. It was so great to get away from the sleaze of the city.

Day 7
The crappy day. We woke up early because we were really excited to get home. We checked out and went out to the parking lot. We couldn't find the car. We looked and looked. It wasn't where we parked it. Someone had stolen the car the night before right out of the parking garage. It's been pretty upsetting. The car was Cory's parents and not even the day before the wedding they had just BARELY finished putting thousands of dollars into it to fix it up. Now it's gone. So we contacted Luxor Security which was a waste. The guy was a total jerk. He basically told us it wasn't his problem and we were taking away some of his lunch break. He even told me to go take a picture of their sign they have in their garage that says they are not liable for any vehicles. I wanted to hit him so bad! But the Metro Police officer was much nicer. She took our report down. We're hoping for the best. But then we didn't have a way home. So we took a cab to the airport and rented a car to come home. On a lighter side. we got to take a Toyota Prius. It made it from Vegas to Salt Lake on a tank of gas. And when we filled it up, it was only 10.5 gallons. Sweet!
So we made it home safe, but without a car. I cant tell you how bad I feel about it. It makes me sick. I'm hoping they find it in one piece but only time will tell.
So that was the honeymoon. Overall it was a good time. Today we've spent all day cleaning our house and getting moved in. We're not even close to being done. It makes me tired. But hey, it's the joys of being a newlywed I guess! In fact Cory is at work right now and I said I'd at least get our bed cleaned off of crap - but I got distracted. I'll get it done though. Married life so far is great! I've never been happier!